This month has it all! A police procedural that touches on a hot topic—violence against police, two FBI thrillers that will have you hunting down serial killers, a thriller that follows a hitman-turned-family-man as he carries out one final favor for the mob to save his family, and an action adventure.

Fill up your e-reader or order in print…

In the Line of Duty

Her fellow officer has made the ultimate sacrifice, and Detective Madison Knight may have to lay it all on the line to bring his killer to justice. But with leads pointing in several directions, she has to narrow them down—and quickly—if she’s going to solve the case before anyone else gets hurt, including herself.

“WOW. That was my first thought upon finishing this story. This was a superbly done mystery/police procedural.”

—Krystal, Red Wine and Books


When one of the FBI’s own becomes a murder suspect, FBI agent and profiler Brandon Fisher and the other two members of the BAU team rush to California to defend her. They soon realize that what was originally viewed as an isolated incident was actually the work of a serial killer.

“You will be kept gripped throughout this psychological thriller, turning the pages quickly. An easy read detective novel with very graphic details of the crime scenes. The characters are really brought to life and you can imagine yourself being at each scene in the book through the brilliant descriptions…

—Sharon Martin, Beck Valley Books


New FBI agent and profiler Brandon Fisher takes on his first investigation and gets more than he bargained for when the serial killer he’s hunting turns their sights on him. This isn’t your run-of-the-mill serial killer: these killings involve ritualistic torture and an underground burial chamber, inside which are eleven rooms, ten bodies, and one empty grave. This is one dark and creepy read that will keep you up at night.

“Looking for an FBI thriller? This is it!… You just want to don a badge and gun and delve in there yourself… The characters are real, honest, and gritty, and the ‘baddies’ get under your skin, willing you to unravel their psyche. I love a good thriller and this did not disappoint.”

—Rachel Dove, The Kindle Review

City of Gold

When archaeologist Matthew Connor’s friend is kidnapped, the ransom comes at the highest price—her life in exchange for finding the Inca’s lost City of Gold. With the clock ticking, Matthew and two of his closest friends have limited time to make the discovery. To make matters worse, Matthew’s arch nemesis insists that two of her hired guns go along for the ride.

City of Gold is a fast-paced action adventure story that feels something like Friends meets Romancing the Stone. This was a quick, entertaining read – I devoured it in one sitting!”

—Erika Kehlet, The Book’s the Thing

Assassination of a Dignitary

Former mafia hit man turned accountant and family man is called back for one final mission—and the job comes with one high-risk ultimatum. It’s either go along with their request to kill a governor of state or the mob will kill his wife and two children.

“…an exciting thriller, with so many different elements and twists…action the entire way.”

—Barb, The Reading Cafe

A hero has fallen, and hard-edged detective Madison Knight will stop at nothing short of finding justice—even if it means risking her own life.



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