Sean and Sara can’t even go shopping on Black Friday without getting pulled into a murder investigation. The deceased is the husband of an old friend of Sara’s, and there’s no way she can ignore the case. It will take some undercover work and the help of a friend—former sergeant Jimmy Voigt—but if all goes according to plan, Sean and Sara might just have the case wrapped up in time for the holidays.

The following excerpt is taken from Shopping is Murder and you can read it or scroll down and listen to it.

Chapter 5


THE MALL THAT HAD BEEN bustling with life now resembled a ghost town. For what was typically one of the most lucrative days of the year, it would leave some businesses hurting.

Store managers stood by their display windows and gave eager glances to Sara and Sean as they walked past, but shopping was the furthest thing from Sara’s mind. She wondered if Nicole was still below but figured, at this point, she had likely been carted off, offered a warm beverage, and extended the courtesy of contacting loved ones.

As suspected, the mezzanine revealed nothing more than crime scene techs and the medical examiner taking care of the situation. As the phrase occurred to her, she realized that was one large aspect of the job she didn’t miss. She hated how people were categorized into a bag of parts, their history tallied and scrutinized—and this specific case should call for a lot of scrutiny.

Many possibilities could have led to this man’s death—an accidental shove, potential suicide, or an intentional push, which would mean murder. She recalled what the man in the room had said about the victim’s last words.

If we shop much longer, I’ll jump.

Taking the statement at face value, it would lean toward suicide, but on deeper consideration, surely, there must be something more substantial involved. Shopping, even for hours on end, couldn’t drive someone to jump over a railing in the mall—could it?

A hero has fallen, and hard-edged detective Madison Knight will stop at nothing short of finding justice—even if it means risking her own life.



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