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Announcing a New Release Dedicated to Law Enforcement

by | Jul 13, 2016 | Detective Madison Knight Series |

“You experience the emotions, distractions, frustrations and successes of the characters in every chapter of In the Line of Duty.  I found her heartfelt details to be spot on with a line of duty death. Being able to put such a tragic situation into words, is difficult in itself, but she does it with compassion, knowledge and respect for those in uniform who know what it is like to lose a brother or sister in blue.”

—Carl J. Harper, Training Officer, ERT (SWAT), Lower Merion Township, Pennsylvania

Already an international bestseller, In the Line of Duty, the seventh installment of the Detective Madison Knight series, throws Madison into the most heart-wrenching and personal case she’s had to face yet. This book was inspired by my love for law enforcement officers and is a painfully honest portrayal of life and loss in the police force.

It was an ordinary, tired day for Barry Weir. After a long shift on the force, he was ready to get back to his wife and kids. But he wouldn’t make it home.

When news of Weir’s murder reaches the precinct, the Stiles Police Department is more than a little shaken. And while Detective Madison Knight and her fellow cops are grief-stricken, they are determined to seek justice for their fallen brother. The loss hits the group hard, but no one as much as Troy Matthews, Weir’s childhood friend and Madison’s boyfriend. But instead of leaning on the others, Troy isolates himself just when they need one another the most.

As Madison and her team follow the investigation into the town’s seedy underbelly, their case gets more convoluted and dangerous. A gang shooting, a hate crime, or a targeted kill—the possibilities seem to keep multiplying. And their time is running out as the threat starts to spread.

In the Line of Duty explores more than just a crime scene; it illuminates the camaraderie and loyalty behind the badge.

The doctor scanned the crowd, then spoke a bit louder even as he directed his words to Joni in a tender voice. “We did everything we could to stop the internal bleeding.” The doctor paused. “I’m sorry that it wasn’t enough.”

A heavy, suffocating cloak fell over the room, stealing Madison’s breath. Suddenly, it was as if she were watching everything from a distance. The adrenaline was kicking in, attuning her senses to what was around her. People became still, and words were spoken in whispers, sentiments were offered. Then everything fell silent. An impromptu and instinctual moment of silence, in remembrance of their fallen brother.

In this solemn state, the inherent scents of the hospital became noticeable—antiseptic and the faint hint of flowers. The smells transformed into an unpleasant coating on her tongue. She sensed pain all around her, blossoming within her.

Troy’s green eyes were glassy, and it didn’t seem like he was focused on anyone or anything. Madison touched his arm, but he felt cold beneath her hand. Without looking at her, he pulled out of her reach and left the hospital.

You can pre-order your copy from popular retailers, such as Amazon, iBooks, Barnes & Noble, Kobo, and Google Play. Coming soon in paperback and hardcover.

A hero has fallen, and hard-edged detective Madison Knight will stop at nothing short of finding justice—even if it means risking her own life.

Releasing 9.29.16



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