Author Carolyn Arnold holding a Stiles Police Detective badge and an image of police tape with a blurred out police car in the background

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This page was created for bloggers to easily access the information and media kits they require for posting features on any of Carolyn Arnold’s books. If there is a book you are looking for that is not here, please contact

Click on any of the book titles and it will immediately download its media kit in Word .doc version for easy copy and pasting. Kits include promotional images, book particulars including retailer links, author photos and bio, and excerpts. Some titles also have feature-ready posts available, which include an applicable review quote, a post, a related—and short—excerpt, retailer links, book blurb, about the series, a brief author bio, and a couple images. Feature-ready posts are designed to be shared as they are presented.

Hosting as part of a blitz (preorder, anniversary, or release) tour? Please select a feature-ready post for the title being promoted. Doing so will provide interesting and engaging content and avoid each post on numerous blogs being exactly the same and reading as a book ad.

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