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File Transfer Instructions for Mobi Files

There are a few ways to send your PRC file to your Kindle:

  1. Connecting your Kindle to your computer
  2. E-mailing the file to your free Amazon Kindle e-mail address
  3. Sending it to your Kindle

Transfer by connecting your Kindle to your computer:

  1. Download the MOBI format file to your computer.
  2. Using the USB/charging cable provided with the Kindle, connect your Kindle to the computer.
  3. Drag and drop the file to your Kindle’s “documents” folder, using your computer’s file browser.
  4. When done, eject the Kindle’s disk icon (right-click on the icon and choose “Eject.”).

E-mail the MOBI file:

  1. Setup the Kindle e-mail feature:

– Go to your Amazon account and click the “Manage Your Kindle” link.

– Find your Kindle name and Kindle e-mail address. Add “free” to the email address, following this example:

– To avoid spam, only contacts on your Kindle approved e-mail list can send attachments to your Kindle. Update the section, “Your Kindle Approved E-mail List” to include the address from which you will be sending the links.

– Add an entry for “” if you plan to use the Maxim website’s “Mail MOBI file” features (which e-mail the file for you).

  1. Download the MOBI format file to your computer.
  2. Attach the file to an e-mail message and send it to your Kindle’s e-mail address (e.g.
  3. The document is automatically transferred to your Kindle.

Send the file to your Kindle:

  1. Go to
  2. Download the program to your computer and sent it up with your Amazon accounts that are connected to your Kindle.
  3. Go the file on your computer and right click. There will be an option for Send to Kindle, click that and pick your reading device.