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Money is Murder – Celebrating An Anniversary Date

by | May 12, 2016 | McKinley Mysteries |

Two years ago on this day, I released Money is Murder, the 3rd in the McKinley Mystery series. In celebration, I’d like to share the following snippet of the novella with you.

First, here is the brief overview of the novella:

Sean and Sara can’t turn their backs on their benefactor’s last wish that they investigate a murder. But it’s not going to be that straightforward. They no longer have their detective badges, and the police have already closed the case as a suicide. Of course, their benefactor never agreed with the finding, and they owe it to him to find the truth—and they will—because this murder-solving duo has never backed down from a challenge.

Chapter 3

Next Step, By The Clock

ONLY A FEW FEET AWAY, and jarred from his thoughts, Sean jumped when the chimes sounded.

“Darling, what a beautiful clock.” Sara rushed past him to the mantle and lifted it up.

It was an antique, dating back decades, of that he was certain. It would have even been a classic for Quinn—and that said a lot.

It was made of pine, by the looks of it, with intricate wood scrollwork framing the front face. The hands were brass, and the golden numerals, Roman.

“I’m assuming this is the one that just rang.” She inspected the clock, running her fingertips along its edges.

“Yeah, and it nearly scared me to dea—” He moved in closer.

“Darling, what is it?”

“Could it be? Let me see that.”

She handed it over, her brow knitting.

“There’s a door in the back. Makes sense this would be where the inner workings are, but look at this.” Sean flipped the clock over and there was a keyhole.

“Oh, try the key.”

Sean took it from his pocket and slipped it in. It fit perfectly. He paused to look up at his wife. Her excitement mirrored his.

He went to the coffee table and placed the clock down. Sara dropped to the floor and he settled in beside her.

With a small twist, a panel opened.

Sara let out a gasp and Sean laughed.

“What? This is exciting.”

He had to give her that.

He took the panel and put it beside the clock. He expected it to reveal the inner workings, which it did, but it also provided something else—a folded piece of paper. He opened it up and read it out loud.

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