Have there been times when you’ve been so low that you wondered if you’d ever feel good again? I have been there… But usually there’s that one little spark that tells you to get back up, to rise, to fight.

The characters in my book In the Line of Duty (Detective Madison Knight series) face these lows when their friend and fellow officer is gunned down. But they must push through their grief and find him justice.

There’s a point only hours after the murder when Madison’s sister calls her. This is an excerpt from Chapter 9.

Take a listen… (Or should you wish, you can read the excerpt below the video.)

She was tempted to ignore the call because of the effort it would take to convince her sister that she was fine and safe. To top it off, Chelsea would probably want Madison to call their mother. But at least it wasn’t her mother calling, and maybe Madison could convince Chelsea to pass along the message that she was fine.

“Hey, Chels,” Madison answered.

“I heard it on the news. A cop was killed! Madison, tell me you’re okay. Did you know him? What happened?” Chelsea was talking even faster than she normally did.

“I’m fine. Calm—”

“Don’t tell me to calm down. One day that could be you. Then what? What would I do then? What about Mom? Dad? Your nieces?”

“Please.” Usually her sister was levelheaded and respectful of Madison’s career choice. She oftentimes even served as referee between Madison and their mother.

Madison wanted to say something reassuring to her sister, but the words were failing her.

“What happened? He was shot filling his gas tank? That’s what they’re saying on the news.”

“Yeah.” Madison couldn’t help the sadness that crept in with that admission.

It wasn’t missed by her sister. “Oh… I’m so sorry, Maddy. You did know him, didn’t you?”

Madison nodded as if Chelsea could see her.


“Yeah… Both Troy and I were rather close to the family. He seems to be having an especially hard time with it.”

“Sorry, sis…”

There was a pause on the line, and it had Madison’s eyes filling with tears. She cleared her throat. “I better get going.”

“Yeah, of course. But…please be safe.”

“I will be.” Madison hung up, wiping her eyes and sniffling.

A hero has fallen, and hard-edged detective Madison Knight will stop at nothing short of finding justice—even if it means risking her own life.

Releasing 9.29.16


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