I deviate from my typical genre and delve into literary fiction to bring readers Rings of a Tree. This short story draws a poetic correlation between the changing seasons and the stages of our lives and was inspired by my observations of the human journey. It is told through the viewpoint of an oak tree in snapshots of events that take place over generations.

Another season begins…

Childhood sweethearts Jake and Cassidy always knew they’d end up getting married, but what they hadn’t been prepared for were the ups and downs that life would present to them.

Follow their family through generations of celebrations and trials, as told through the eyes and ears of an oak tree.

Here’s a little taste:

“JAKE, I’M SO EXCITED.” Cassidy sat on the swing that hung from the huge oak tree.

“It will be a beautiful wedding. The best this county’s seen, I’m bettin’.” He pushed her gently.

The warm summer breeze tousled her long brown hair as she swung higher. The air carried the smell of lilacs and grass, and the green leaves rustled above them.

 Their wedding was the next day and their lives would begin as husband and wife, and then as mother and father, or so it seemed likely.

Speaking of, it also seemed like only yesterday that Jake and Cassidy were running around the trunk playing tag and hide-and-seek in the cornstalks of the nearby field. The simple things had brought them amusement, such as when he would pull her ponytail and run away laughing. And now, here they were on the eve of their wedding… How fast time went.

Jake glanced at his watch and then wrapped his hands around the rope, yanking the swing to a halt. “We better get back for dinner. If we’re late, your mom will never let us hear the end of it.”

She looked over a shoulder. “Isn’t that the truth…”

He bent forward and kissed her. As he pulled back, he licked his lips and stood up straight. “I love you.” He sounded somber, nerves getting to him perhaps, but he managed a smile that touched his eyes.

“And I love you.” She slipped her hand into his, and they walked back to the farmhouse, fingers laced together, telling jokes and laughing.

 Rings of a Tree is available in e-book and available from popular retailers.


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