“You experience the emotions, distractions, frustrations and successes of the characters in every chapter of In the Line of Duty.  I found her heartfelt details to be spot on with a line-of-duty death. Being able to put such a tragic situation into words, is difficult in itself, but she does it with compassion, knowledge, and respect for those in uniform who know what it is like to lose a brother or sister in blue.” Carl J. Harper, Training Officer, ERT (SWAT)

Sadly, human tendency to is judge that which we don’t understand. And, let’s by honest, most of us haven’t stood in the shoes of a police officer. We’ve never faced down an armed subject at one o’clock in the morning, had to made life-and-death decisions on a daily basis. We’ve never had to focus in a traumatic situation and make a judgment call. We’ve never had to face the families and friends left behind and let them know that their loved one won’t be coming home.

People either tend to point their fingers at the police or they raise them up on pedestals. Unfortunately, no one is perfect and what happens is that sometimes that pedestal cracks. Instead of idealizing police, though, I think it’s more important that we respect them and accept that they are human like the rest of us. They have family and friends like us. They have feelings. They have hopes. They have dreams.

In the Line of Duty was inspired by my love of law enforcement, for those who serve and who have served, but I also wanted a book that showed the human side of policing. I wanted to paint the vivid picture that police are people and I wanted to show how the loss of a brother in blue affects them–not only on a professional level, but more importantly, on a personal one.

The characters in my book must carry on despite their grief and find their fellow officer’s killer. It tears apart relationships, changes people’s viewpoints, and has them acknowledging their own mortality. The excerpt below shows a glimpse into how the officer’s death is affecting Troy Matthews, Madison’s boyfriend.

Excerpt from In the Line of Duty, Chapter 3:

Troy gripped the sink in the men’s washroom at the Stiles police station with both hands and stared at himself in the mirror. He’d lost men close to him before. The last one was two years ago, and the officer had been killed in a car accident while off duty. He’d left behind two kids and a wife. But Barry…he was different. Life always equaled death, of course. It was a simple equation to accept until it touched close to home. And that’s what Barry’s death was for him–personal.

Losing Barry made it clear just how dangerous this job could be and how fragile life was. One minute here, the next gone. Barry had just been pumping gas, a routine thing, something people did all the time without any thought to their safety. Those on the outside would say that’s the risk he took being in law enforcement. Yes, there was the chance any one of them wouldn’t return home from a shift, but it wasn’t something Troy consciously thought about before heading to work.

In fact, when serving in a SWAT capacity, he’d say it was one of the safest positions within the Stiles PD. SWAT had the toys, and when they showed up to manage a situation, it was often brought under control rather quickly. Even the majority of criminals didn’t want to tango with an AR-15 and armored vehicles. Besides, dwelling on one’s mortality wasn’t healthy. But when something like this happened to one of their own, it spurred on such self-reflection. It could have easily been him in the morgue, or one of his team members. Or Madison…

His insides quivered with rage as his heartbeat slowed with his grief. He squeezed his eyes shut.

 “I’ve got Dad’s car tonight,” Barry says. “We’ll take it out on the back roads and see what she’s really capable of.”

 “Your dad’s a cop, Barry,” Troy reminds him.

 “So? What he doesn’t know won’t hurt him.” Barry takes a few steps down the hall of their high school but stops and spins when Troy doesn’t follow. “Come on, man. Don’t make me take Lyman.”

 Troy came back from his thoughts and opened his eyes to find himself staring at his reflection.

That night had been one of the best ever. Barry had sent the car airborne by racing over the railway tracks on the outskirts of the city. They’d even conned some seniors into getting beer for them and drank it by the tracks later that night.

Barry had made Troy feel alive…

Pain knotted in his chest, the regrets over skipping drinks with Barry last week paired with losing a part of his childhood somehow.

Troy pinched the bridge of his nose as the memories continued to rush over him.

“I just got my acceptance letter.” Barry holds the envelope in his hand. “This college has the hottest chicks… Not that it would matter to you.”

 “What does that mean?”

 “It’s Lauren and Troy sitting in a tree…” Barry sings.

 “Seriously? You’re like a girl sometimes, you know that? A big, emotional girl.”

 “Hey!” Barry punches him playfully in the arm.

 Madison punched him in the arm sometimes, too…

God, what would he have done if Madison were the one who’d been killed?

You’ve reached the end of the excerpt, but In the Line of Duty is available in e-book, paperback, and hardcover from popular retailers.


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A hero has fallen, and hard-edged detective Madison Knight will stop at nothing short of finding justice—even if it means risking her own life.

Releasing 9.29.16


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