Brandon Fisher with gun pointing at FBI logo and his name. Yellow tape "POLICE PROCEDURALS RESPECTED BY LAW ENFORCEMENT.TM
Brandon Fisher with gun pointing at FBI logo and his name. Yellow tape "POLICE PROCEDURALS RESPECTED BY LAW ENFORCEMENT.TM

Silent Graves (Brandon Fisher FBI Series)

Silent Graves by Carolyn Arnold woman in bonds screaming

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FBI agent and profiler Brandon Fisher thought that his first case struck close to home. But this new investigation has him hunting a killer whose stalking ground is less than an hour away from his home. Now he and the team must stop a killer who plays out his twisted game of rape and torture—all in the name of “love.”

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4-half-Stars-for-Books-Small Rating 4.5 stars*

Author: Carolyn Arnold
Series: Brandon Fisher FBI Series, Book 2
Genres: Hard-Boiled, Mystery, Police Procedural, Thriller
Publisher: Hibbert & Stiles Publishing Inc.
Year: 2014
Length: 286 pages

Print ISBNs: 978-1-988064-07-9, 978-0-9878400-3-5

Book Overview for Silent Graves

There’s no such thing as a casual affair…

Thirty missing women in the period of six years. Now another has been abducted.

One officer was right all along. Prince William County, Virginia has a serial killer preying on women.

With the recent abduction, the FBI is called in and Brandon Fisher’s team gets the assignment. There is more to it than just one missing woman–this dates back decades. They delve into the past cases, hoping it will shed light on the investigation, but with the discovery of a body and the report of another missing woman, their efforts are further intensified. They begin narrowing in on the cases from the last six years.

What they find are heinous acts that rival what they witnessed in Salt Lick, Kentucky. They must stop a killer who plays out his twisted game of rape and torture–and they need to do so fast if there’s going to be anyone left to save.

Testimonials & Reviews for Silent Graves

“…a mystery of tension and intrigue that grabs the reader and propels them into a story of dark terror as cold as the psychopath’s heart…”
Richard C Hale, International bestselling author

“…Non-stop action gives this novel a live pulse that beats faster and faster with each turn of the page…”
Katie Jennings, Bestselling author

“An exciting and tense investigative thriller… This is a realistic investigative novel well written by Carolyn Arnold. She has developed a team which will search for every bit of evidence, and never drop anyone from being a possible suspect. Highly recommend.”
–My Book Reviews

“I love a good thriller. Especially a cop thriller that takes me through the minds of the crazy psycho path that is being hunted by the FBI. I know I am twisted, but I accept that…In Silent Graves not only do you get to see inside the minds of the FBI, with Brandon’s POV, but you get to see inside the mind of the killer. And a sick and twisted killer he is. I love the way that Carolyn Arnold gives us both POV’s simultaneously. While the FBI slowly unravels the unsub and what makes him tick you get to see it all first hand and can fully testify that they are on the right track. But even though you can see inside the mind of the killer, you have no idea who he is. Carolyn Arnold does a marvelous job of slowly unraveling the story bit by bit, crumb by painstaking crumb, never revealing too much… Silent Graves will take you on a thrill ride that is as good as any crime show. It will have you hooked to the characters and their quirky dynamics, the creepy case and the thrill of the chase.”
Consuming Words

“Carolyn Arnold does a fantastic job of putting this story together, with the complexity of the clues, findings, twists and surprises, which she excels in. Carolyn’s knowledge of police procedures is amazing, and she does this so flawlessly to precise perfection. There isn’t a moment that is used with fluff. It is all tense and terrifying, as the story slowly unravels. I do not want to give any spoilers, other than to say this was a race to the finish! Arnold is a wonderful writer, who has the ability to put you right in the middle of a tense and violent storyline.”
The Reading Café

“This story moves fast and keeps the reader enthralled! Carolyn Arnold weaves a tale of missing women, local police, the FBI and a killer or killers, that keeps you guessing at every turn of the page! Great characters, real dialogue and intrigue make this a stone cold thriller of a book. Carolyn does an incredible job in packing Silent Graves full with a rich storyline. There’s no filler here as we follow these characters through to a nail biting climax, then on to tie up loose ends. If you’re looking for a great thrill ride, you found one!!”
Brian T. Shirley, Comedian

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