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Snippet from VIOLATED (Brandon Fisher FBI Series)

by | Apr 21, 2016 | Brandon Fisher FBI Series |

For those of you who follow the Brandon Fisher FBI series, you know there’s a little bit of chemistry between the two agents Brandon and Paige. The following is a snippet of them seeing each for the first time since Paige became a murder suspect. This is taken from Violated, which releases April 28, 2016.

Please note that Grafton is the hard-nosed detective ready to stick murder charges to Paige.

Excerpt from Violated:

The front door opened, and my legs took me there before I even gave it conscious thought. Paige was stepping inside, Jack following her.

Her eyes met mine instantly, and our gazes locked. Her mouth twitched as if she was debating whether she should smile or not. The legs that had swept me to the door now grounded me to the floor. She was prettier than I’d remembered. Crazy, I know. And why did my mind even go there? We were friends and colleagues, nothing more.

“Hey, Brandon.” Her voice was soft, bordering on sultry. Of course, I probably wanted to hear it that way. She didn’t warrant any double takes from Grafton or Jack.

“Hey.” I was like a bumbling teenage boy, and I couldn’t keep my hands still. I was rubbing my thighs, then my ribs. I forced myself to stop and put on a smile, which I could only imagine came across as a tad insane. “How are you?”

Paige’s eyes darted to Grafton, back to me. “Super.”

Forget professional decorum. I hugged her tightly. She fell into the embrace, and it felt so good to have her chest pressed against mine. I inhaled her familiar scent of honeysuckle, feminine and sweet. It would have been all too easy to lose myself in this moment and overlook the fact that we had company, that we had ended things, that—


—that Sam was now her boyfriend.

The sound of his voice had me backing away from Paige. “Great to have you back,” I said to her.

“Thanks, Brandon.”

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