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What Reviewers Are Saying about CITY OF GOLD

by | Mar 10, 2016 | Matthew Connor Adventure |

City of Gold, a bestseller in men’s adventure on Amazon, has been meeting with excellent reviews. Here is what a few reviewers have said.

What you get is a near-perfect mix…heart-pounding escapades and near-misses, balanced by moments of – if not levity, at least a temporary release of the pressure cooker.
~Back Porchervations

It’s fast paced, at times even edge of your seat and held my attention throughout the entire story.
~Tea and A Book

This was a quick, entertaining read – I devoured it in one sitting!
~The Book’s the Thing

The story was reminiscent of the Indiana Jones movies. If you like those, you will enjoy this book.
~Brooke Blogs

This is definitely akin to an Indian Jones story set in modern times. There is very fast paced action and danger in one scenario with some good investigative twists at the home front.
~Reviews by Martha’s Bookshelf

I am new to this author, but won’t be a stranger for long, this is easily one of the best books I will read all year… There wasn’t a dull moment in this book. I highly recommend this high octane thriller.
~I Read What You Write!

It’s a worthwhile read, and ideal for holidays and long train journeys, where some exciting escapism coupled with some good detective work is just the ticket.
~Jemima Pett, Author

The book has many twists and turns and I think this could be an interesting series with Matthew, Robyn and Cal searching for lost treasures.
~Storeybook Reviews



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