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Your Girlfriend’s a Murder Suspect… An Exclusive Excerpt

by | May 1, 2016 | Brandon Fisher FBI Series |

Just a brief note before you start reading the following excerpt from my latest bestseller, Violated. Ferris is the man who raped FBI Agent Paige Dawson’s friend, Sam is Paige’s boyfriend, and Grafton is the detective after Paige.

Excerpt from Chapter 9 of Violated:

Police cruisers were in front of a townhouse, their lights spinning. Still about five units away, Sam counted down the numbers.

They had cordoned off Ferris’s house!

“Stop the car!” Sam barked.

He gripped the handle and cracked the door open, preparing to jump from the moving vehicle if need be.

“Hey, what are you do—” The vehicle came to an abrupt stop, thrusting Sam’s shoulder into the back of the front seat. He tossed a fifty to the cabbie before leaping out of the vehicle. He heard the taxi’s wheels squeal as the driver sped away.

Sam ran to a deputy who was standing in front of Ferris’s driveway. “What’s going on here?”

The officer tucked the clipboard he had been holding under an arm and lifted both hands. “Stop there. This is an active crime scene.”

Sam’s heart was thumping wildly. He reached for his badge, cursing with the realization that he didn’t have it on him, and he shouldn’t have had any reason to need it. Some vacation…

“I’m a detective with Grand Forks PD. What happened?”

“Grand Forks? I haven’t heard of it. I’m going to have to ask you to step back.”

“North Dakota. Listen…” Sam extended his hand toward the deputy, who stepped back out of reach. Sam held up a hand to convey he wasn’t a threat. “It’s my girlfriend. She was coming here earlier today. Is she—” He couldn’t bring himself to ask if she was okay. Paige might have only entered his life a couple of months ago, but women like her—independent, sexy, and intelligent—were hard to find. He knew this for a fact from all his failed attempts to find them.

The deputy’s gaze met Sam’s eyes but looked through him. “This is an open investigation.”

This is ridiculous.

“Paige!” Sam screamed.

“Sir, I’m going to have you forcibly removed if you don’t coop—”

Sam plowed past him. The deputy’s clipboard hit the pavement, but Sam didn’t slow down. He kept moving toward the house.

An officer—likely a detective based on his stance of authority and lack of a police-issued uniform—came out the front door.

“Stop right there!” Given both his tone and the edge to his eyes, he meant business. His hand hovered above his weapon, ready to draw it, looking for one good reason to.

Sam briefly surrendered again. “I’m Detective Barber.” No point bringing up his locale as it obviously didn’t matter. Valencia was a light-year from his jurisdiction.

“And I’m Santa Claus.” He looked around Sam to the deputy. “What the hell is this guy doing here?”

“I’m sorry, Grafton.” The deputy yanked on Sam’s shoulder, but Sam wasn’t going to budge until he found out what the hell was going on.

“I’m not going anywhere until someone talks to me.”

“Are you looking to be arrested?” A veiled threat if the underlying curiosity in Grafton’s eyes was any indication.

“My girlfriend… She came here earlier. Is she all right?”

Grafton remained silent, staring at Sam. Sam shrugged the deputy off his shoulder, and the man complied. “She came by to see him this morning, and I haven’t heard from her since. Is she all right?” He expelled a deep breath.

“It depends. Who’s your girlfriend?”

God. Does that mean a woman was hurt—or worse—in this house?

“Paige Dawson,” Sam rushed out. “Now answer my damn question! Is she okay? What happened? Please tell me she is okay.” His clear emotion may as well have met with a brick wall for how much it seemed to affect the detective. But there was a glint in the man’s eyes that told him Paige was just fine. “What is it?”

“Why don’t you come with me? Name’s Detective Grafton, by the way.”

Got that already.

“Please, tell me what’s going on,” Sam said, softer this time.

“Well, Miss Dawson is a murder suspect.”

Violated is available in e-book, two paperback formats, and hardcover. For purchase options, please visit the Violated Purchase Options Page.

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