Holidays are great, family is great, but there are moments when you need to slip away and spend some quality time alone. Your loose-fitting pajamas and your comfy chair are calling you. Your mind is in a turkey coma, but that’s fine. You’re right where you want to be—except for one thing. You would love to indulge in just one more thing… But this desire doesn’t have a calorie count. (Thank god! Because you couldn’t swallow one more scrap of food!) You’re looking for that perfect book to sink into. Well, look no further.

Get swept away on an adventure to South America in the search of the Inca’s Lost City of Gold with Matthew Connor, a twenty-eight-year-old archeologist and adventurer and his friends.

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Visit the mall on Black Friday without leaving home! How great is that? No crowds, no fistfights… Although, there is a murder. Oh, it’s nothing you can’t handle!

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Even better is that from now through Cyber Monday (November 27th) you can save on City of Gold and Shopping is Murder!

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