Every day law enforcement officers put their lives on the line. There’s no such thing as a routine call—as any one of them can turn deadly. And officers run the risk of being targeted just because of the badge and the uniform.

In my book In the Line of Duty, Detective Madison Knight and her colleagues—her brothers in blue—face the loss of one of their own. He was shot down while fueling his cruiser just before the end of his shift, and Madison and the rest of Stiles PD are left to make sense of the tragedy. While nothing can be said or done to reverse the harm done, Madison is determined to make sure that she finds justice for her fallen friend. It will take all her audacity and for Stiles PD to band together as a team if they are going to find out why this happened and who was behind his murder.

This book is one of the favorites I’ve written to date because it touches close to my heart. I’m wired with the utmost respect for law enforcement, for what they do, for how they serve our communities—at selfless sacrifice—and how, in effect, their service betters the entire planet. And, sure, there are some corrupt cops, just like there are corrupt people in general. But as a whole, I believe there are far more good than bad. This is also why I was moved to include a dedication and letter to law enforcement in my book. It reads as follows:

This book is dedicated to all the fine men and women who serve or have served in law enforcement and in memory of those who have made the ultimate sacrifice.

While some of you may view being a law enforcement officer as a job, there are many of you who feel it is your calling. You respect that the departments in which you serve are businesses, but that’s not what drives you. You wouldn’t live your life any other way.

You make your communities a safer place to live.

You put your lives on the line every shift.

You run toward gunfire while the rest of us run away.

You do all of it not for the praise or glory, but for your love of people.

Your job is most often a thankless one, but you carry it out anyway.

You are making a difference. It is because of you that the world isn’t in complete chaos, why there is some order and justice to be found.

You appreciate that how we live our lives affects more than just us and our community. It has a global impact.

For all of this, I thank you, and the world in its entirety should thank you, too.

You and your contribution will never be forgotten.

If you have a love for the men and women in blue, I urge you to pick up a copy of In the Line of Duty today. This book is available in e-book, paperback, and hardcover. It’s also the first book of mine to be made available in audiobook!

Listen to a sample of In the Line of Duty narrated by Hayley Palmaer.

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