“If [Matthew Connor] was a movie series, I’d be the first in line to buy my ticket!!!”
–Cinnamon Hollow

Matthew Connor lives for adventure, but what makes them even better is bringing his two best friends along–Cal and Robyn. Robyn is trying to figure out how she can get the time off work to join him on a quest in Egypt, while Cal has bigger issues. The subject matter of expeditions is a sore one around his home with his fiancée Sophie, who almost lost her life because of his adventuring ways.

And with Cal being a bit more of a realist than Matthew, will the temptation of discovering a lost pharaoh’s tomb be enough to sway him to go along?

I invite you to read an excerpt from Chapter 6 of The Secret of the Lost Pharaoh.

“So what is it this time?” Cal asked.

It was probably best they get to the point right away in case the women walked in on them. He had faith that Robyn would do what she could to avoid that from happening, but when Sophie had her mind made up, it didn’t always matter.

“The Emerald Tablets in Egypt,” Matthew said.

Cal took a sip of his wine and looked away from Matthew. “Usually people go to Egypt to uncover pharaoh’s tombs.”

So, Cal remembered the Tablets and Matthew’s obsession with them, but like Robyn, didn’t buy into their existence. “That too,” Matthew said.

Cal’s eyes narrowed marginally, and he drank some more wine. “When are you planning to leave?”

“Tomorrow morning.”

Cal spat out his wine, red mist shooting across his office. “Do you have something against planning ahead these days?”

Matthew pulled his gaze from the splotches of red on the floor to his friend, whose focus was solely on him. “You heard me when I said the Emerald Tablets?”


“And you know that they’re said to contain great power?”

“I remember a rumor to that effect.”

“A rumor?” Matthew shook his head. “Well, they exist, and I believe their power is real.”

Cal didn’t say anything, just kept looking at Matthew. Matthew had to wonder if the skepticism was a ploy Cal was using to distance himself from this expedition.

“You want to come, don’t you?” Matthew asked.

“I’d follow you to the ends of the Earth right now.” Cal glanced away and rubbed his jaw. “But that’s not an option.”

Matthew leaned forward. “Of course, it is.”

“No.” Cal was shaking his head. “Not after what happened the last time. I can’t do that to Sophie.”

“Sophie has known for a long time that you love going on these expeditions.”

“That doesn’t necessarily mean anything.”

“It should.” Matthew let that marinate and came to realize that his wording may have been a little harsh. “I didn’t mean that the way it came out. You and Sophie are engaged now. You’ve made a real commitment. And Sophie’s great.”

“That she is.” Cal bobbed his head.

“She’ll understand.” Oh, what was he doing? Somewhere he’d stopped thinking about Cal’s needs and switched his focus to the fact that he wanted Cal to come with him.

“I’m not so sure. After everything she went through, almost dying, almost being raped…” Cal raised his voice with the last statement. “I could never forgive myself if…”

Matthew swallowed the urge to make more assurances he wasn’t qualified to make. “Only you know your relationship, Cal. But I know that Sophie loves you.” He paused and flashed a lopsided grin. “After all, she did agree to marry you despite all that crap you put her through.”

“Ha-ha.” Cal raised his gaze to meet Matthew’s. “You’re right, though. If there was any time she should have hated me…”

Matthew held out his hands. “There you go.”

“Guess it wouldn’t hurt to talk to her about all this.” Cal took another sip of his wine, but his features seemed to weigh heavy with hesitancy. “Tomorrow’s rather quick, though.”

“The Emerald Tablets are powerful. We can’t afford them winding up in the wrong person’s hands.”

“I’m assuming you have a good lead to suspect they’re in Egypt.”

Matthew noticed his friend didn’t even bother to ask for an elaboration on the Tablets’ powers. “An old colleague has invited us to be a part of—”

Us? So she knows about me?”

“You and Robyn.”

Cal sank back into his chair. “How could you even be sure I’d agree?”

Book Overview

Readers will need to hold on to their hats for this follow-up to City of Gold, which reviewers described as “a fast-paced action adventure” that is “akin to an Indiana Jones story set in modern times.” Now, the second in the series promises to bring much of the same excitement! Join archaeologist and adventurer Matthew Connor and his friends as they go after the Emerald Tablets to save the world in The Secret of the Lost Pharaoh.

In Egypt’s Western Desert lies the tomb of an unnamed pharaoh that hides a secret so powerful, it could destroy the world as we know it.

Archaeologist and adventurer Matthew Connor has made a career of finding legends the world has all but forgotten. Though there’s one in particular that has fascinated him for years—the Emerald Tablets. Myth says that they possess the knowledge of the universe, allowing humankind to traverse Heaven and Earth, and have the power to bestow wealth and wisdom upon whoever possesses them. But if they fall into evil hands, it could cause a global disaster.

So when a former colleague stumbles across an ancient Egyptian hieroglyphic map that promises to lead to a pharaoh’s tomb and the Emerald Tablets, there’s no way he’s turning down her invitation to join the dig. He only has one stipulation: his best friends Robyn Garcia and Cal Myers come with him.

The road ahead isn’t going to be an easy one, and their shared dream of recovering the Emerald Tablets is being crushed at every turn. And just when they think it’s all over, they learn there are a few clues they have overlooked. But they’re no longer the only ones searching for the Tablets. Now, the fate of the world hangs in the balance, and soon they’ll find out that when it comes to hunting legends, they can’t trust anyone.

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