You might have suspected this—if you’ve been paying attention to my photos on social media—but I started on an intent weight-loss journey in July of 2018. I can’t believe it’s been over a year already, but pounds have melted off and I feel so much better for it. I’m definitely stronger, leaner…but not meaner! 😉  (Well, unless you’re counting in fiction and what I put my poor characters through!)

What I’ve come to discover is health is not a fast-fix and it takes commitment and lot of hard work. It’s my journey that inspired me to write Exercise is Murder. Not only does it sound funny to say; it sometimes feels true!

I didn’t even know if I was going to write another McKinley Mystery truth be told, but this one wanted telling! And there’s no way I can tell my characters “no” for long or they’d haunt me endlessly and not even a box of cookies could drown them out! (Ha!)

So what can readers expect from Exercise is Murder? Another fun mystery romp with Sean and Sara McKinley. When a young running junkie meets her death on a nature trail, the McKinleys discover that getting in shape might not always be good for one’s health…

If you’re looking for a fun, light cozy mystery, look no further than my McKinley Mysteries: Short & Sweet Cozies! Exercise is Murder is available for pre-order in ebook and paperback versions (yes, more than one trim size).

“I can’t wait to see what is next! I love this series so much.
It’s got fun and adventure and tons of mystery to solve!”
–Community Bookstop

Getting in shape isn’t an easy walk in the park…

Running junkie Katie Carpenter takes a tumble down a ravine and ends up facedown in the Hudson River. The police conclude her death was an accident, but those who were close to Katie aren’t buying that she just tripped and fell—including her pro-athlete boyfriend. But it’s Katie’s fitness trainer and friend who hires the McKinleys to investigate.

Anything but an easy case to solve, Sean and Sara will break a sweat trying to figure out who had the most to gain from the young woman’s death. Sadly for Sean most of the evidence seems stacked against Katie’s boyfriend—a man Sean idolizes. Can he put aside being starstruck long enough to view things objectively? If Katie’s killer is going to be caught, he and Sara will need to remain flexible and it might require bending the rules a bit.

$2.99 USD e-book

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