You ever do something you wish you could take back? Or have you ever made a decision that came back and bit you in the ass? I’m sure we can all think of at least one instance.

Well, my latest Brandon Fisher FBI book, Past Deeds, might have you reflecting on this a little deeper. You just might start to wonder if any past choices you’ve made are stalking you, ready to strike. And, of course, along the journey, you’ll be following the FBI in tracking down clues and unraveling the psyche of a killer.

Here’s what it’s about:

Some consequences can’t be predicted…

A sniping takes place in Arlington, Virginia, less than fifteen minutes from Washington, D.C., and nets several minor injuries but only one casualty. FBI Agent Brandon Fisher and his team with the Behavioral Analysis Unit are called in to determine if the threat is still active and whether they’re looking at an act of terrorism, an isolated incident, or the first in a planned series of shootings. All that seems clear from the ground is they’re looking for a skilled sniper who is former military.

As the FBI investigates, one possible motive has Brandon battling his own demons as the consequences of past choices resurface with a vengeance. He will come to discover how one decision can not only haunt us for the rest of our lives, but spread out and have long- and far-reaching repercussions we couldn’t even begin to imagine.

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