This month’s recommended books have it all! Romance, murder, torture, and adventure. Enjoy!

Valentine's Day is Murder by Carolyn Arnold a cartoon couple dining on a beach with a cruise ship passing in the background

“A wonderful story that definitely needs to be read by cozy mystery fans. A very fast paced book and wonderful read.”
–Books, Dreams, Life

A dozen roses and the box of chocolates will have to wait. Sean and Sara are off to Jamaica to find their friend Jimmy, who was abducted on the island. But the clues to his whereabouts are pretty much nonexistent. In fact, all they have is a single gold coin to lead them to Jimmy’s kidnapper. Can they rescue their friend and save Valentine’s Day?

The Secret of the Lost Pharaoh by Carolyn Arnold pyramids of Egypt with desert background.

“In the searing environment of the Egyptian desert, Matthew Connor finds love and intrigue, magic and murder in this novel that’s a cross between Death on the Nile and a Clive Cussler Dirk Pitt adventure.”
–Advanced Reviewer

Archaeologist Matthew Connor and his friends set off for Egypt in search of the legendary Emerald Tablets when a colleague finds clues to their whereabouts. Given the powers the Tablets are said to possess, the fate of the world hangs in the balance, and there is no time to waste.

Power Struggle by Carolyn Arnold, a man and woman in a standoff on a city street at night.

“A fantastic mystery… Arnold’s characters are well-developed and read like real people… A smooth moving plot with a mystery that kept me flipping pages to the very end.”
–A Life Through Books

Detective Madison Knight’s latest murder case has her facing her past and fearing her future when the victim not only is the man who killed her grandfather but has ties to the Russian Mafia. In fact, she’s convinced that the hit man who almost killed her ten months ago is back to finish the job.

Silent Graves by Carolyn Arnold woman in bonds screaming

“An exciting and tense investigative thriller… This is a realistic investigative novel well written by Carolyn Arnold. She has developed a team which will search for every bit of evidence, and never drop anyone from being a possible suspect. Highly recommend.”
–My Book Reviews

FBI agent and profiler Brandon Fisher thought that his first case struck close to home. But this new investigation has him hunting a killer whose stalking ground is less than an hour away from his home. Now he and the team must stop a killer who plays out his twisted game of rape and torture—all in the name of “love.”

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