“Salt Lick, Kentucky. Underground. Creepaliciously gruesome and I feel chills running up and down my spine just writing this.”
Sherry Fundin on Eleven

^^^Sounds like the perfect Halloween read! Just sayin’…^^^

Sometimes you get reviews that just make you grin for days. The review that Sherry Fundin of the fundinmental blog wrote for Eleven was one of those.

Here are some highlights:

“Carolyn Arnold is a prolific writer and I have been reading her work for a while now. Her thrillers are to die for and I am excited when I have another one of her books in my hand.”

“First, I would grab [Eleven] because it was written by Carolyn Arnold. Second, I have been reading her work for a while now, and I [know] she won’t disappoint, but she may blow my mind. Third, SHE DID!”

“Carolyn Arnold’s novels read like Criminal Minds episodes. I love how she breaks down the crimes and the criminals, taking us through the process, step by step, clue by clue. And this is one mystery that keeps on giving. I was super creeped out early and it never stopped.”

You can read Sherry’s full review of Eleven on her blog here.

You can also download your FREE copy of Eleven from your favorite retailer.
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