Carolyn Arnold will be at the Imaginarium Convention from October 5th until the 7th in Louisville, Kentucky at Ramada Plaza and Conference Center. This is Imaginarium’s 5th year and the event is all about creative writing and creatives. There will be authors, editors, publishers, film makers, artists musicians, cos players, podcasters, and more! All that are and live in the world of creativity will be there! (For more information on the fun that can be expected, watch the video and/or visit

As a guest, Carolyn will be on a few panels and interviewed by toastmaster Tony Acree. Her full schedule is below.

Friday, October 5th 3pm – Writing Good Action Scenes
Saturday, October 6th 11am – Interview with toastmaster Tony Acree
Saturday, October 6th 2pm – Developing a Great Crime Scene
Sunday, October 7th 10:15am – Developing Suspense in Your Writing

After her panels, Carolyn will be signing and giving away a few copies of Remnants in the vendor room. Be sure to arrive quickly as there is only a limited supply.

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