It’s June, and if you’re like me, you’re likely itching for some beach time. The sun is shining and the water’s warming up, and personally, I find being by the water is one of the most relaxing places to be. Now pair that with a book, and that right there is what heaven’s made of, folks! This month, I’ve selected quite a few titles to satisfy the most adventurous reader! So dig in, your toes in the sand, your nose in a book.

Valentine's Day is Murder by Carolyn Arnold a cartoon couple dining on a beach with a cruise ship passing in the background

The Brandon Fisher FBI Thriller series has a new look!

Profilers. Serial killers. The hunt is on. Do serial killers and the FBI fascinate you? Do you like getting inside the minds of killers, love being creeped out, sleeping with your eyes open, and feeling like you’re involved in murder investigations? Then join FBI agent and profiler Brandon Fisher and his team with the Behavioral Analysis Unit in their hunt for serial killers.

This is the perfect book series for fans of Criminal MindsNCIS, Silence of the Lambs, Seven, Dexter, Luther, and True Crime.

Read in any order or follow the series from the beginning: Eleven, Silent Graves, The Defenseless, Blue Baby, Violated, Remnants.

“An exciting, action-packed, edge-of-your-seat adventure that constantly has us in suspense… Arnold has written an amazing story, describing everything in detail, giving us a complete picture of Egypt dig sties, heat, desert, underground tombs, mummies, tunnels, snakes, and all kinds of long lost treasures. I loved Matthew, Alex, Robyn and Cal, and the villains in the story were very well done.  I look forward to more from the Matthew Connor Adventure series. Carolyn Arnold has created another winner.”
–The Reading Café

Archaeologist Matthew Connor and his friends set off for Egypt in search of the legendary Emerald Tablets when a colleague finds clues to their whereabouts. Given the powers the Tablets are said to possess, the fate of the world hangs in the balance, and there is no time to waste.

Valentine's Day is Murder by Carolyn Arnold a cartoon couple dining on a beach with a cruise ship passing in the background

“Gritty and emotionally jagged, Carolyn Arnold’s Power Struggle pours on the suspense as one twisted assassin plays hide-and-go-seek with a detective who refuses to give up, no matter what… Hard-boiled police work at its best, suspense that is taut and the urgent race against time make this an edge-of-your-seat read as danger hits too close to home for this detective…” –Tome Tender Book Blog

Detective Madison Knight’s latest murder case has her facing her past and fearing her future when the victim not only is the man who killed her grandfather but has ties to the Russian Mafia. In fact, she’s convinced that the hit man who almost killed her ten months ago is back to finish the job.

Valentine's Day is Murder by Carolyn Arnold a cartoon couple dining on a beach with a cruise ship passing in the background

“There’s action and romance… The story line is quick and light—perfect for beach reading! It was my first introduction to [Arnold’s] work, and I’m looking forward to seeing how Sean and Sara continue in the next phase of their life… It’s definitely a book for those who love the cozy mystery set. I’ll be reading more!”–Stephanie Pitcher, Bestselling author

Sean and Sara’s honeymoon in paradise takes an unexpected turn, but that’s all right by them. They’ve had just about enough lying around when the husband of a couple they befriended is kidnapped and held for ransom. There’s no way they can turn their backs on the excitement that comes with sleuthing in paradise.

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  1. Doris Nishioka

    Currently reading Line of Fire (Madison Knight). Love it ❤️

    • Carolyn Arnold

      Hello Doris, I’m pleased to hear that you’re loving In the Line of Duty. 😀

  2. Sue

    I read eBooks could you offer those as well. My hands are arthritic now and it’s easier to hold an IPad.

    • Carolyn Arnold

      Sue, I do offer e-books. You can get them from all the popular retailers.

  3. Linda Barr

    Hi Carolyn: I have read Blue Baby and I so enjoyed it. Could not
    put it down. I also have read Sacrifice. It was an thriller and
    I had a hard time stopping and going to bed. Looking forward to
    reading more of your books.

    • Carolyn Arnold

      Hi Linda, I love to hear that! 😀

  4. Paula Rother

    I love to read … historical fiction opens our eyes to the past, and helps us relate to humanity.

    • Carolyn Arnold

      As you said you love to read, so you’ve definitely come to the right place! I offer about thirty titles. If you like history, may I suggest my action-adventure series?

  5. Diana Kruger

    I have read and loved all of the Madison Knight series so far. I also stay up to all hours of the night unable to put the book down. I have now started on the Brandon Fisher series and I am really enjoying reading the first book and have already bought the second book in the series. I do love all of your books, so please keep on writing!

    • Carolyn Arnold

      Hi Diana,
      Thank you!! I love to hear that you love my books. Very awesome! 😀

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