​This year, Christmas is going to look a lot different for most of us. In holidays past, we gathered with friends and family, and the biggest concern was who was bringing what for the meal or whose sweater was the ugliest. If only. This year, most of us don’t have the option to gather with loved ones. Even if we do have the possibility for a small group, there’s uncertainty. After all, who wants to inadvertently get anyone sick.

My holiday season looks different. Normally, we have friends in and out throughout the holidays, and my sister and her husband travel here to spend time with us around New Year’s. (They live 4.5 hours away.) Again, not this year. I haven’t seen her since the start of the year, and even though my husband and I would normally go down in the summer, it just wasn’t in the cards then either.

I think we’ve all been affected to some extent by COVID-19, and there are things that I miss…even relatively small things. Like sipping a Tim Horton’s coffee while browsing a store (Yes, I’m a Canadian!). The freedom to go to a bookstore and just sit with a cappuccino and sniff in print books. (That’s essentially paper, ink, and glue…Ha.) Oh, and I miss lipstick. I’m not really a girlie girl, but I like to wear lipstick when I go out. There’s no point these days. It would just smear from my mask and get on it, and no one would see it anyway. (Guess my remedy to that will be wearing it around the house! LOL)

I’ve also found myself saying “I’m sick of COVID-19, but who isn’t?” And that’s true, but I think it’s important that we all honor our individual feelings and allow ourselves to process them. Just stop at the “I’m sick of COVID-19.” These are unprecedented times for this generation. It’s so important that we be loving to ourselves. (Side point: Even Word knows the spelling of COVID-19 now. I had just typed it as Covid, and it suggested the proper spelling.)

It would be easy to sink into despair, heartbreak, and grief, but we could approach things from another direction. Personally, I’ve decided that instead of focusing on how Christmas will be different this year, I’m going to take an inventory of all that I have to be thankful for. I was fortunate not to lose anyone close to me this year, and all my family and friends are healthy. I’m healthy…if not a little crazy from time to time. (But that’s on par with being a writer.)

Anyway, those are just my thoughts and ramblings. I sure hope that my message finds you well and in good spirits or at least with the spark of hope in your heart.

Happy Holidays,
Carolyn Arnold

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  1. Eilleen

    Well said Carolyn. Thank you for sharing this.

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