I’m excited to announce that I have another avenue for readers to read my books! Introducing Radish, a downloadable app. This platform is newer than some, but it is quickly growing in popularity. But for no wonder. It’s an affordable and unique approach for reading books.

Different than traditional retailers, they make it easy to read more than one book at once. Readers subscribe to the books they are interested in reading. Now, in cases where a book is in what’s termed premium level, it’s recommended that authors and publishers make the first seven chapters (or as they call them “episodes”) available instantly. After that, chapters drip out on a set schedule as set by the author or publisher. It can be anywhere from once to seven times a week.

To read (unlock) chapters as they come out will cost coins (in Radish currency), but as I mentioned above the app makes reading very affordable. When readers are subscribed to a book, they receive notification when new content is available—so there’s no way you’ll lose track of your favorite books. There’s also a library of sorts that holds the books a reader is subscribed to and when you go into the app, if there’s new content, this will show at a glance too.

As touched on already, with Radish you only pay for what you read. Though, I’m hoping once readers start my books, they’ll be hooked until the very end! Radish approaches books as if they were television episodes and books in a series are referred to as seasons. When readers purchase an episode, they know they’ll be getting at least 1500-2000 words—if not more. Great value and a small enough installment that makes for a quick and easy read.

You’re also assured quality reads as not just anything and everything can be published on Radish. They operate on an invitation-only basis. I’m pleased to have been welcomed into their fold.

If you’re looking for a new way to read and something versatile that can easily go with you anywhere, I recommend Radish. After all, who doesn’t tote their cell phone with them everywhere? I have a few of my titles up over there already and a couple more will be uploaded each week. I invite you to download the app (from Apple or Google Play) and subscribe to my books. All you have to do is search my name in the app. “See” you over there! 😀

Carolyn Arnold

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