This week saw the release of Past Deeds in Carolyn Arnold’s Brandon Fisher FBI series. Thanks to the support of her amazing readers she hit the top 100 lists in a couple of categories on Amazon. Below are some reviews that have come in:

Past Deeds is a thought-provoking story and my mind feeds on it. All our past experiences create the person we are today, but what if….” ~Fundinmental

“An exciting, tense, non-stop adventure to find the killer before they strike again. There were some twists and turns along the way, and some surprises leading to the killer.  I do not want to give spoilers, as this is a story that you need to read from start to finish.” ~Reading Café

“I like Carolyn Arnold’s writing whether it’s a cozy mystery or an FBI thriller or something in between. Her writing flows well and her characters are realistic. If you like murder mysteries, serial killers, and/or the TV show Criminal Minds, you will like the Brandon Fisher series.” ~Bound4Escape

“A race against time to find the serial killer and the motive behind the seemingly random murders… Definitely a page turner.” ~Voyageur

“I really liked the way Carolyn Arnold gets inside the sniper’s mind… All the characters’ flaws, fortitude and interactions are finely tuned and totally believable An intelligently-written 5-star (it should be more!) crime thriller, Past Deeds will keep you on the edge of your seat and chewing your nails down to the wrists, (if not elbows) with excitement and tension, as the suspect is able to elude capture time and again, despite information and sightings, left ‘like a trail of breadcrumbs.’” ~Rosemary, Advanced Reader

“This is my first exposure to this author and indeed it didn’t disappoint… A wonderfully crafted story with well-developed and compelling characters, it has twists and turns that keep you on the edge of your seat right to the last page. It was so captivating and exciting that I simply couldn’t put it down! I definitely am looking forward to reading the other books in the series.” ~ Eric, Advanced Reader

“A wonderfully absorbing mystery… The reader is taken through the painstaking and detailed step by step investigation as clue by clue the team uncovers who is behind these murders and why. An amazing eighth book in this series by Ms. Arnold.” ~Sharon, Advanced Reader

“If you want to find out why the victims were chosen and how this story finished up, then you need to read this book. I highly recommend it and you won’t be disappointed.” ~John, Advanced Reader

“Whenever I am in the mood for a fast-paced plot, an edge of your seat read, Carolyn Arnold is one of the many authors I can rely on to meet this need… As usual, I enjoyed the author’s writing style. Intense, riveting, bold and true to life.” ~Nadene, Advanced Reader

“Arnold does a fantastic job of creating tension without making us frustrated. The pace is even-tempered enough to keep a reader enthralled in what will come next.” ~Lynchberg Mama

“I could not put the book down, as I had to know how the events would unfold… Intense, riveting, bold and true to life.” ~Totally Addicted to Reading

“The clues are believable and well put together with a superb ending. Most enjoyable.” ~Rob, Advanced Reader

Past Deeds is available in ebook, paperback, hardcover, and large print edition. It will soon be available in audiobook. Read in the format you want from the retailer you prefer.

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4.25 x 7 paperback
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5 x 8 paperback
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6.13 x 9.21 hardcover
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6 x 9 large print edition
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