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A Tribute to the Modern-Day Female Detective

Murder. Investigation. The Pursuit of Justice. Hershey’s Bars. Gut Instinct. Determination.

“I watch a lot of cop shows on television and no one can match my love for Jack Ryan/Tom Clancy, but Arnold has written one of the best female cops that I’ve ever read.”
–Harlie’s Books

Do you like a woman who is strong-willed and knows what she wants? I do, but that could be because I am one. And when I created detective Madison Knight’s character, I placed her in a world dominated primarily by men and working for superiors who are a little old-school in their thinking. They reason that because she’s a woman, she can’t handle the job and it has them questioning her every move. But she’s going to prove them wrong for as many times as it takes, for however long it takes, because the most important thing to her is finding justice for murder victims.

At the time that I decided to write a mystery series with a strong female lead, independent and courageous women were hard to find in literature and on television. Female detectives were usually found tagging along behind their male partners and having very little to say. Madison would hear none of that! And that worked out perfectly because I wanted someone with a fire in their belly to get to the truth and to speak her mind—especially in the face of pressure.

In Ties That Bind, Madison is convinced that a photograph found at a crime scene ties in somehow to the killer, but without any real proof to go on, she’s mocked by those around her—including from those who should be on her side. Her partner isn’t fully buying into her theory either, but his focus is more on his personal life than the case. Her superiors are more concerned about closing the investigation than locking up the right guy.

Even when the investigation takes a turn, and it looks like there’s a serial killer on the loose, Madison’s mostly left on her own to solve the case… And what’s a girl to do? I’ll tell you what Madison’s going to do: Snack on some Hershey’s bars (she is human, after all) and kick some serious ass until she gets to the truth.

Ties That Bind is available in ebook, paperback, hardcover, large print edition, and audiobook.

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