In The Little Grave, Detective Amanda Steele finds herself mired in her tragic past when the man who killed her family turns up dead and she works the case. But she had no idea that the investigation would churn up so many dangerous secrets, including the brutal unsolved murder of a young exotic dancer from five and a half years ago.

Here’s an excerpt from the Prologue:

Atlanta, Georgia, United States Five and a Half Years Ago, January

Her past didn’t sit and stay like an obedient dog. It was more a wolf that stalked her every move, breathed down her neck, and inched closer with every passing second. The hundreds of miles she’d traveled or the state lines she’d crossed in the last five months didn’t matter; her hunter was there and had her constantly looking over a shoulder. She yearned to stop and catch her breath but knew the second she did her life would be over. She’d be ripped apart by the unmerciful teeth of her history.

Casey-Anne was three minutes into her set and hanging upside down on the pole when she spotted him at the back of the strip club, leaning against the bar, no drink in hand. He appeared within a haze of cigarette smoke, giving the illusion of an apparition. But he was very much real, and his gaze was fixed on her.  Not in the sad, pathetic, and predictable way most men ogled her at Georgia’s Peaches, pinning her with their lascivious leers. No, he had something else on his mind.

He was there to kill her.

The Little Grave is available in e-book, paperback, and audiobook from popular retailers.


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