I’ve been married for over twenty years to the love of my life and my best friend. But, sadly, I have family and friends who haven’t been so lucky. They hadn’t settled down with Mr. Right, and their husband was certainly no Prince Charming. They came to realize that they’d kissed a frog and he stayed a frog—no offense intended toward our amphibian friends.

Witnessing the heartbreak and betrayal that comes with a cheating spouse, it got me thinking about how I’d handle it if it ever happened to me. Hmm… I’m a crime writer, so you can probably imagine that my thoughts didn’t exactly take me in a savory—or legal—direction. Let’s suffice it to say, it’s a good thing for my husband (and me; I wouldn’t fare well in prison) that he’s faithful! Of course, there’s a vast difference between real life and fiction, and thankfully I tend to dabble quite a bit in the latter.

It was in conjuring up thoughts of revenge, though, that inspiration struck for my short story, Pearls of Deception. Christina had been married for twelve years to who she thought was the perfect man. And that’s the miserable reality here, too, isn’t it? Most of the time the faithful partner never sees their spouse’s affair coming… Well, that was the case for Christina. And, unlike me—who only imagined violence—her pain is real and deep, and she’s taking the power into her own hands.

Her husband broke her heart, now she’ll take his life… But, if only it was that simple. Come on, it might be a short story, but I had to throw in some twists.

“Pearls of Deception evokes all the thriller senses for a great short read. It’s well written with crisp, believable dialogue and a wonderful twist ending.”
–Jennifer Chase, International bestselling author

They say “hell hath no fury like a woman scorned.”

Vows were broken… And now someone has to pay.

’Til murder do us part…

Christina thought her twelve-year marriage to Bob was perfect. That is, until she finds out her husband has a mistress. Crushed, she finds a solution to remedy her broken heart—and get her revenge—but not everything goes according to plan…

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