Ideas for books come to me in all forms, but the inspiration for Girl on the Run (Detective Madison Knight Series) was based on a real-life experience I had in a train station.

I shared this with readers in the letter at the back of the book, but I’ve decided I want to share that here.

“Often as a writer I’m asked what inspired a book, and for this one, I pulled from a real-life experience. They say real life is stranger than fiction, and sometimes that’s true. I was in a train station, much like the one I described in the book, and went to get a coffee. There was a girl with a backpack who grabbed food items from the refrigerated unit. I was in line with a few other women, and we started talking among ourselves. We couldn’t believe what we just saw. We were trying to get the attention of the clerks, and this man came over. He was all hopped up. He raised his voice and told us to mind our own business, and what were we, a bunch of Good Samaritans? He even went so far as to claim he was a cop. I wanted to contest that, but a strong instinct told me to stay quiet and hope he went away. Thankfully, nothing came of this confrontation, but I think all it would have taken was for one of us to really stand up to him. The clerks at the counter seemed to shy away as if they were oblivious to the situation. I walked away that day, but I was shaken. In the deepest part of me, I know something was going on in that train station. I even reached out to a police friend of mine and ran the scenario past her, and she said that it sounded like drug trafficking to her. She told me that I did the right thing by staying quiet. It was this event and the questions of what if and what’s going on that led me to create the story you just finished reading.”

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