This year saw five book releases from Carolyn Arnold including the birth of a new crime fiction series published through Bookouture. Readers are loving Detective Amanda Steele! 2021 also marked the Carolyn’s first novel in paranormal women’s fiction, Midlife Psychic. Fans of Brandon Fisher got to hunt a serial killer with him and the team in One More Kill.

In case you missed any of these books, here’s a recap:


The Little Grave by Carolyn Arnold, a dark stormy sky over a clearing in the woods with a dirt two rut laneway

The Little Grave

“Carolyn Arnold’s newest series opens with a heart-pounding mystery with a less than perfect detective… Amanda is a character that evokes sympathy and respect. I can’t wait to read what happens next for her.” – NetGalley Reviewer

It’s been five years since Detective Amanda Steele tragically lost her family. When the man responsible is found murdered in a motel room, she can’t keep away from the case.

Stolen Daughters by Carolyn Arnold, a barn at the end of a dirt laneway under a red fiery sky.

Stolen Daughters

“[Amanda is] sarcastic and raw, and just seemed [more] like a real person than a character in a story.” – NetGalley Reviewer

Firefighters discover the body of a teenage girl at an abandoned house, but it’s not long before Detective Amanda Steele concludes the killing is just getting started.

The Silent Witness by Carolyn Arnold, a red cottage on a lake under a teal sky.

The Silent Witness

“A fast-paced, riveting thriller… Arnold brings us another great novel with believable characters and a fantastic storyline.”  – NetGalley Reviewer

In this totally gripping and addictive crime thriller, Detective Amanda Steele investigates a double homicide that’s also put a little girl’s life in danger.


Midlife Psychic by Carolyn Arnold a woman seeing a vision amidst the cosmoses with gold sparks raining down

Midlife Psychic

Compulsive, compelling and enthralling… I became completely riveted… Intrigue to compel you to read through the night.” – Avid Reader’s Retreat

Forty-three-year-old Erin Stone’s newfound psychic ability puts her loved ones in danger, but she also hopes her gift will be able to save them.

One More Kill by Carolyn Arnold a wheat field leading to trees under a moon lit sky with vultures circling.

One More Kill

“Oh my God! I was just taken on a wild ride! I had to hold my breath through most of the book. I didn’t want to put it down, but I had to just to soak in what I just read. Join the FBI in their hunt for a cunning killer.” – NetGalley Review

In this totally gripping and heart-pounding crime thriller, FBI Special Agent Brandon Fisher and his team hunt an elusive and ruthless serial killer.

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