Often, as a writer, I’m asked what inspired a book, and for my latest, Her Dark Grave (Detective Madison Knight Series), I pulled from a real-life case that I learned about when my husband and I attended the local citizen’s police academy. This was several years ago now, but the investigation stuck with me. I recall having a hard time sleeping the night I’d learned about it. The detective who had been in charge of the case had passed around some evidence from the murder scene. I was able to see firsthand blood spatter on a tequila bottle, a handwritten list of snuff films, and another one noting serial killers that the perp had idolized. Thankfully, the fact that we were able to look at these things was because the case was closed, and the killer was put behind bars.

He had killed his best friend, someone he apparently drank heavily with on regular occasion. They rented a hotel room, and I can’t remember why they were there, but adding to the chill factor was the lobby video captured the victim carrying in the bag he ended up being found in! This killer managed to intoxicate his friend to the point of his passing out, stabbed him numerous times, and severed his body in the tub—all in a hotel room! After he killed his friend, from what I remember, he called the police. The motive for murder: he just wanted to know what it would feel like to kill someone! When the police showed up, the room was spotless, and it would never be suspected it was the scene of such a brutal murder.

They say real life is stranger than fiction, and I’d say this is another example of that!

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