This month we’re celebrating the Detective Amanda Steele series as it was now two years ago, January, the first in this new series was released. The Little Grave has met with excellent reader reviews and people love Amanda. There are now seven available in the series with an eighth due out in June!

Here’s what you can expect from the series as a whole:

Gritty. Raw. Unapologetic.

Immersive crime fiction for fans who love their mysteries set in a small town and hard-boiled to perfection. From the murder scene to the morgue, interrogation of suspects and following down leads, you’ll feel like you’re part of the investigation. Realistic and complex characters, accurate police procedures and forensics paired with tight, serious writing make these books read more like true crime than fiction. Meet Homicide Detective Amanda Steele with the Prince William County Police Department in Woodbridge, Virginia. She’s smart, motivated, and real. Her tragic past has her claiming to be no one’s mentor, but she’s more hero than she thinks.

The Little Grave

Five years after the death of her young daughter, Virginia-based detective Amanda Steele is drawn into a chilling murder investigation that threatens to upend the life she’s finally pieced back together. Book one in a series!

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Stolen Daughters

In a tiny Virginia town, the body of a teenage girl is discovered in an abandoned house. Detective Amanda Steele is determined to find out the victim’s identity — but when two more bodies turn up, she realizes that her own past may hold the key to a killer’s pattern…

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The Silent Witness

When detective Amanda discovers a murdered couple’s six-year-old daughter, Zoe, is still alive — hidden inside the ottoman by her parents’ bed — she searches for a way to connect with the traumatized girl. Everything may depend on it, because the killer is still out there… and he may come for Zoe next.

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Black Orchid Girls

When ecology student Chloe Somner turns up dead beside the Potomac River, the black orchid on her body offers a chilling clue… Can detective Amanda Steele find answers in a 20-year-old cold case? A page-turning recent release.

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Her Frozen Cry

When a woman is found dead in an isolated cabin, detective Amanda Steele is shocked to recognize the grieving husband as an old friend of hers. But as the cause of the victim’s death becomes clear, Amanda confronts a harrowing question — how much can she truly trust Tony Bishop?

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Last Seen Alive

When Detective Amanda Steele unexpectedly reconnects with an old boyfriend, the last thing she expects to see lying on his bed is the dead body of his wife, Claire, who walked out on him four years ago.

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Her Final Breath

When a dog walker in a local Virginia park finds the bodies of a mother and daughter, Detective Amanda Steele is first on the scene.

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