A few years ago, a story came to me that hit me right out of nowhere! The character and the concept of the plot was one that I couldn’t ignore. It had terrific series potential, but it was all about getting that first book out. I’m excited and pleased to announce that after years of working on this story, it is now available for purchase!

Midlife Psychic is unlike anything I’ve written before. While it has a crime element and suspense, it’s paranormal women’s fiction! It toys with the “what if” if you had a dream that is so intense and life-like that you wake up to find out that what you had dreamed of really happened. This is what happens to my protagonist, Erin Stone. This would be unsettling for anyone, but for Erin it’s terrifying and so far outside her comfort zone, that it’s outside her comfort zone’s comfort zone!

Here’s a little inside scoop:

If you told me four days ago that I would be given a vision, I’d have laughed in your face.

My name is Erin Stone. I’m forty-three, niece, sister, mother, divorcee, friend…psychic? I’m still trying that label on. I work for the Toronto Police Services at the emergency 911 dispatch center. My life was rather ordinary and routine before the psychic bit, and that was just the way I liked it. I had my gorgeous gray tabby cat, Harvey—named after that dreamy character on Suits—to keep me company. I drank vodka martinis sometimes but loved red wine. Slap a nipple on that bottle some days, and I was good to go. I did yoga at my best friend’s studio to offset the wine consumption, and I binged Grace and Frankie on Netflix any chance I got. Then again, I could somewhat relate to their situation. At least my husband hadn’t dragged our marriage out forty years before coming clean with me. More on that later. But as you can see, my existence was quite ordinary. Peaceful, calm, predictable.

That was about to change.

I’m not talking about the changes expected to hit in your forties—hot flashes, new aches and pains, or the battle with the scale taking on epic proportions. No. I had a dream… One extraordinary dream that would change my life forever and complicate the crap out of it.

You see, clairvoyancy, consulting mediums, foretelling the future, having visions—it all went against everything I’d learned and believed my entire life. I might as well be communing with the Devil. But I couldn’t just ignore this dream. As I said, it was extraordinary.

It had felt so real from beginning to end and lingered with me after waking up. Honestly, I thought I was losing my mind. When I found out the events I’d dreamed of had actually happened, I was quite certain I was crazy and headed for a straitjacket and a padded room.

Turns out the universe had other plans for me.

Midlife Psychic is available from Amazon and through the Kindle Unlimited program. It can be downloaded for your Kindle or purchased in paperback. Usually my books are distributed through various retailers, but I’ve enrolled this one in the UK Kindle Storyteller Contest, which has made the title exclusive to Amazon for the time-being. I hope you’ll read this book, and if you do, please post a quick review! Thank you, readers! I hope you love the journey of self-discovery and adventure with Erin Stone! 😀

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Paperback – 5 x 8 inches Amazon.com | Amazon Universal

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