Madison Knight and a police car silhouette with light flashing. Stiles Police Detective badge with yellow tape - POLICE PROCEDURALS RESPECTED BY LAW ENFORCEMENT.TM
Madison Knight and a police car silhouette with light flashing. Stiles Police Detective badge with yellow tape - POLICE PROCEDURALS RESPECTED BY LAW ENFORCEMENT.TM

Detective Madison Knight Series

Detective Madison Knight Series 9 book covers

Murder. Investigation. The pursuit of justice. Do you love trying to figure out whodunit? How about investigating alongside police detectives from the crime scene to the forensics lab and everywhere in between? Do you love a strong female lead? Then I invite you to meet Detective Madison Knight as she solves murders with her male partner, utilizing good old-fashioned investigative work aided by modern technology.

This is the perfect book series for fans of Law & Order, CSI, Blue Bloods, Rizzoli & Isles, Women’s Murder Club, and Hawaii Five-O.

Read in any order or follow the series from the beginning: Ties That Bind, Justified, Sacrifice, Found Innocent, Just Cause, Deadly Impulse, In the Line of Duty, Life Sentence (Bonus Prequel).

We’re so confident you’ll love this series, we’re giving you the first e-book for FREE.

The Books in the Detective Madison Knight Series

When an isolated incident turns into a hunt for a serial killer, Detective Madison Knight is not going to back down—even if it pits her against her superiors. Book 1 in the series.

It’s Christmastime, and this year murder doesn’t take a holiday. The killing of a woman leads detective Madison Knight in many directions to find a killer. Book 2 in the series.

Detective Madison Knight will need to call upon her tenacity when the murder victim is the son of a local businessman who is “in bed” with the police chief. Book 3 in the series.

In trying to solve a new murder, Detective Madison Knight may have to dishonor the blue wall of silence when findings in a past case are called into question. Book 4 in the series.

Detective Madison Knight’s obsession with a cold case comes to a deadly conclusion. With a rising body count, Madison finds out her own life is at risk. Book 5 in the series.

Three murders occur within the span of twenty-four hours, but Detective Madison Knight is adamant they’re not looking for a serial killer. But can she prove it? Book 6 in the series.

A hero has fallen, and hard-edged detective Madison Knight will stop at nothing short of finding justice—even if it means risking her own life. Book 7 in the series.

Detective Madison Knight investigates the murder of the man who killed her grandfather, and she fears the Russian Mafia is behind it. Book 8 in the series.

Coming November 2017

In the prequel to the Detective Madison Knight Series, defense attorney Bryan Lexan takes on a Russian mafia boss for a client and may be in way over his head. Bonus Prequel.

Praise for Madison Knight

“Madison Knight is a tough, sassy, and intelligent detective. She is a straight shooter and takes no crap.”

Kris Riley

My Blissful Books

“Madison needs to work harder than the rest as she is a female in a male-dominated world. But she is very good at what she does… She is dedicated and really cares… It is a breath of fresh air when you have a kick a** female as a lead.”


KCB Reviews

“Because of the strong, intelligent, gutsy Madison Knight, this series is my favorite…”

GA Bixler

Bixler Reviews

“Arnold had me hooked from the very first page of Ties That Bind and the reason for that was Madison Knight. Madison is an unconventional and feisty heroine and from her first appearance, grumpily eating a chocolate bar for breakfast, I adored her.”

E.L. Lindley

Author of Don’t Look Back

“Madison is a detective in the major crimes division; she is an extremely tough no nonsense cop. She doesn’t care if she comes across as rude or abrupt; her main focus is finding the killer, even if she has so many obstacles along the way, including her own boss.”

Barb Liebman

The Reading Cafe

“Detective Madison Knight is very capable in more ways than one. She is career orientated and won’t let anything or anyone stand in the way of her current case.”

2 Girls Who Love Books

“It’s hard to be a successful woman in a man’s world.  Madison is a stubborn, head strong, determined detective.”

Keri Q

VooDoo Doll Book Blog

“Madison is a wonderful character that I think many readers will want to follow.”


City and Book

“Madison is a fun and interesting main character… She’s what you’d expect from a female cop: tough, tom-boyish, sarcastic, fearless and intensely emotional and dedicated when it comes to her job. And yet she has a vulnerability that Carolyn does a beautiful job of illustrating just when you need to see Madison’s softer side. She’s lonely, as much as she refuses to admit it, and has deep regrets about her family that she can’t shake. Put together with her tough-as-nails persona, it gives Madison the genuineness required of a principal character, and made it very enjoyable to walk beside her throughout the book.”

Katie Jennings

Author of So Fell the Sparrow

“Madison Knight is a cop that does it her way, and won’t let anything or anyone get in the way of that.”

R. James Turley

Book Reviewer

“Madison is a kickass detective who was fearless, strong-willed and tenacious. She followed all possible leads as she was committed to solving this case. She confronted everything head on. I loved how the author portrayed both her personal and professional life. It shows her struggling to gain approval from her mom who does not approve of her career choice. This showed that there is a sensitive side to her kickass detective who was fearless, strong-willed and tenacious. She followed all possible leads as she was committed to solving this case.” —taken from her review of In the Line of Duty


Totally Addicted to Reading

“Detective Madison Knight…a seriously tough cookie but rightfully so. Madison had been through a lot in her life and it has taken her to the point that she has to shelter her heart and throw herself into her job. Not only that but since she is the only female detective within the department, she has to prove herself even more and her every move is watched to the most minute detail.”

Nanette Bradford

Nanette’s Book Whore-ish Obsessions

“Madison is an amazing character. She follows her gut instinct and doesn’t just accept the easy answer especially when she is sure there is more to the story than can be seen.”

Tammy Hall

Tammy’s Tea Time

“Arnold has created a strong female lead in Madison that you will come to not only respect for her tenacity to solve a crime, but her personal quirkiness as well. Madison is a well-rounded character that both men and women will enjoy reading about.”

Ashley Fontainne

Author of Accountable to None

“Madison Knight is a well-rounded character with strong emotions and sharp intelligence…”

Dianne Rapp

Author of Murder on a Ghost Ship

“Madison’s character is extremely well-written and realistic. She encompasses what all women should strive to become–an independent thinker, strong-willed, dedicated, hardworking…”

Lynchberg Mama

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