Author Carolyn Arnold, International Best Selling Author
Author Carolyn Arnold, International Best Selling Author
Detective Amanda Steele Series first book
Detective Amanda Steele Series first book

Detective Amanda Steele Series

Gritty. Raw. Unapologetic.

Immersive crime fiction for fans who love their mysteries set in a small town and hard-boiled to perfection. From the murder scene to the morgue, interrogation of suspects and following down leads, you’ll feel like you’re part of the investigation. Realistic and complex characters, accurate police procedures and forensics paired with tight, serious writing make these books read more like true crime than fiction. Meet Homicide Detective Amanda Steele with the Prince William County Police Department in Woodbridge, Virginia. She’s smart, motivated, and real. Her tragic past has her claiming to be no one’s mentor, but she’s more hero than she thinks.

It’s always recommended that you start a series from the beginning, but you could read the books on their own or out of order. Installments include: The Little Grave, ​Stolen Daughters, and The Silent Witness.

Profanity: Mild with the odd slip to moderate
Graphic Violence: Mild to moderate

Food and drink pairing: A barbecued steak, cooked tender and juicy, with a whiskey or a black coffee.

Genre of music or songs you might find on Amanda’s playlist or that suit her: “One Night Standards” by Ashley McBryde

These books are perfect for fans of:

Rachel Caine, Lisa Regan, and Robert Dugoni.

Bosch, Chicago PD, Blue Bloods, Justified, and Law & Order.

The Books in the Detective Amanda Steele Series

The Little Grave by Carolyn Arnold

It’s been five years since Detective Amanda Steele tragically lost her family. When the man responsible is found murdered in a motel room, she can’t keep away from the case. Book 1 in the series.

Stolen Daughters by Carolyn Arnold, a barn at the end of a dirt laneway under a red fiery sky.

Firefighters discover the body of a teenage girl at an abandoned house, but it’s not long before Detective Amanda Steele concludes the killing is just getting started. Book 2 in the series.

The Silent Witness by Carolyn Arnold, a red cottage on a lake under a teal sky.

In this totally gripping and addictive crime thriller, Detective Amanda Steele investigates a double homicide that’s also put a little girl’s life in danger. Book 3 in the series.

Black Orchid Girls by Carolyn Arnold, preteen lake will trees in the background spread of orchids bottom front.

Can Detective Amanda Steele stop a cold-hearted killer who seems to be targeting college girls in this completely nail-biting and gripping crime thriller? ​Book 4 in the series.

February 10, 2022

Detective Amanda Steele series book 5

June 9, 2022

Detective Amanda Steele series book 6

October 6, 2022

Praise for Detective Amanda Steele Series

Amanda Steele lost it all one night when a drink killed her husband and daughter… I like Amanda. She’s gritty, sarcastic, and raw.

NetGalley Review

Amanda is faced with more obstacles than any one person should face. But she’s a determined woman, and history has shown that women like that don’t let anything stand in their way.

NetGalley Review

[Amanda is] sarcastic and raw, and just seemed [more] like a real person than a character in a story.

NetGalley Review

The way Amanda is written, you feel her pain. You feel her loss. Her rage. All of the characters have been so carefully written, and their stories have all been told in such a way that you feel you know them.

NetGalley Review

Amanda is a character that evokes sympathy and respect. I can’t wait to read what happens next for her.

NetGalley Review

Amanda Steele is one heck of a detective, and I cannot wait to see where Arnold takes her!

NetGalley Review

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