Author Carolyn Arnold holding a Stiles Police Detective badge International Best Selling Author
Author Carolyn Arnold holding a Stiles Police Detective badge International Best Selling Author

Testimonials for Carolyn Arnold

Highest Praise from Law Enforcement

“Carolyn Arnold did a good job with her depiction of how the Bureau works, although the literary license she took did make for a more exciting story. I’m looking forward to reading more of her books.”

Ed Evans

Retired FBI Agent, FBI Headquarters, Washington, DC

“I spent thirty-eight years with a major police department in Missouri, fifteen of which were in the homicide section. I also had numerous dealings with the FBI throughout my career, mostly bank robbery, interstate shipment thefts and a few kidnappings. ELEVEN kept my interest piqued throughout… Loved it.”

Richard Bartram

Sergeant (retired), St. Louis Metropolitan Police Department, St. Louis, MO

“Just finished Eleven. Very good!  I worked as a police officer for eleven years and with the Federal Bureau of Prisons for twenty-two. I have also dealt with the FBI.”

Richard Smith

Retired Facilities Development Manager, Federal Bureau of Prisons, Central Office Washington, DC

“I am a 40-year veteran of police work. All local, no Fed. Eleven was a great read. All the descriptors and nomenclature were spot on.”

Joe Danna

Police Officer, Katy Independent School District Police Department, Katy, TX

“Carolyn Arnold’s love for law enforcement and providing an accurate depiction of their job is clearly evident in her writing. She is eager to have police procedures spot on, both in tactics and investigations. It’s this enthusiasm paired with her knack for storytelling and her realistic portrayal of police work that makes her an author that mystery readers would enjoy reading, including those with a law enforcement background.

“You experience the emotions, distractions, frustrations, and successes of the characters in every chapter of In the Line of Duty. I found her heartfelt details to be spot on with a line-of-duty death. Being able to put such a tragic situation into words, is difficult in itself, but she does it with compassion, knowledge, and respect for those in uniform who know what it is like to lose a brother or sister in blue.”

Carl J. Harper

Training Officer, ERT (SWAT), Lower Merion Township, Pennsylvania

Ties That Bind was great. I’ve been a police officer for 30 years and I found it pretty authentic. Can’t wait to read the next one.”

Don Lay

Arson Investigator, Villa Park Police Dept, Illinois.

“A great police procedural! Eleven by Carolyn Arnold is a great story and full of twists and turns. While I usually have figured out most police procedurals long before the end, this was not the case here. The ending was a surprise! The characters are well developed and a mix of interesting personalities. If you are looking for a police procedural that holds your interest to the end, Eleven is for you!”

Mark Davis

Retired FBI Special Agent Washington, DC

“I found Eleven to be very real-like and exciting. It showed that Officers—even the FBI—have personal issues or problems that can interfere with their thinking on the job. Also it was presented so real that I almost felt like I was an Officer in the case and the book. I read it in 2 days. I just could not put it down, even staying up until 1 am reading. This is the first book of hers I have read and now I started a 2nd one. I want to read them all. It seemed true to life for me and kept me interested completely. I am excited to read the other books. I read the book The Silence of The Lambs, and in my personal opinion, this book is better. Read it you won’t be disappointed.”

Pamela Munger

Retired Patrol Officer and Juvenile Officer, Pecatonica Police Department in Pecatonica, Illinois

“As an avid reader, I’m always on the hunt for a good book. I thoroughly enjoyed “Eleven” and I’ve recommended it to family and friends.”

Michael D. Scott

Patrolman (Ret.), Castroville, Texas

“I work in Law Enforcement – In fact I’m not only an investigator on cases, but a certified Crime Scene Investigator who searches the scenes for the evidence. With that in mind, I tend to shy away from Police Procedural novels because I get angry and frustrated at the lack understanding by many authors. They either don’t get the process, or try to skip over the details in a way to make you think they know what they are talking about. So many books put things out of context, and never give the detail that should be included. So – Where does that leave TIES THAT BIND?

At the top! Coming from an author that is not in Law Enforcement, I was extremely impressed by the amount of research she must have done. From the needed sugar rush to put her emotions in order to view a murder scene to the tenuous and stressful relationships with the Brass Bosses, this book was dead on.”

Stacy Eaton

Police Investigator and Certified Crime Scene Investigator, Pennsylvania, United States

“I related to this story immediately. It is truly believable in its writing as it is vivid. I felt a kinship with the main character and that continued throughout the story. Well written and I am looking forward to more in the series. Highly recommended.”

Richard Goodship

Police Officer and Forensic Investigator (Ret.) Ontario, Canada

“I thrive on rich characters and TIES THAT BIND did a superb job of capturing the law enforcement partner relationship.“

Kevin Johnson

Sergeant (Ret.), Minneapolis, MN

“I’m an avid Kindle reader and thoroughly enjoyed Assassination of a Dignitary. I particularly enjoyed the relationship between Detectives Clinton & Wingham and the realistic portrayal. I have made a note of the author so I can find more of her works.”

Jeff Queen

Sergeant (Ret.), Northport, AL

“For Police procedurals that are painstakingly researched and accurately portrayed look no further than Carolyn Arnolds works. The only way it gets more real than this is to leave the genre completely.”

Zach Fortier

Police Officer (Ret.), Colorado, United States

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