If you haven’t started reading the Detective Amanda Steele Series, you might want to start now! Book nine goes live October 17th, but it’s currently available on pre-order!

What can you expect from the upcoming installment to the series? As always, I strive to take readers on a wild, twisty ride from page one. In this book, Amanda is investigating the murder of someone she met during a previous case. For readers of the series, remember that crime writer from Her Final Breath? It’s her, name is Felicity Kelley! She’s not even thirty years old, and she was taken out in her home, a Queen of Hearts playing card left in her throat.

Her murder presents an instant mystery to Amanda, but it’s also personal right from the beginning. Just hours before her death, the victim called Amanda and left her a voicemail. Amanda battles with regret she couldn’t take the call and tortures herself over whether it would have made a difference.

This only fuels Amanda to find her justice, and she and her partner, Trent Stenson, will leave no stone unturned. Is there a serial killer out there imitating Felicity’s latest bestseller and she’s their first victim? Or did an author’s inspiration for a new project have her playing detective in the real world? If so, did she get too close to a killer?

Amanda and Trent certainly have their work ahead of them. Join the ride! Her Last Words is out October 17th and currently available for pre-order from Amazon!

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