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Wedding Bells Brew Murder (Sara and Sean Cozy Mystery Series)

Wedding Bells Brew Murder by Carolyn Arnold, Sara in a wedding dress and Sean in a tux, standing on either side of the cover, a banquet hall in the background. In the middle a wedding cake with a serving knife stuck in the top, and Magnum the beagle sniffing at the cake topper bride and groom on the floor.

With all the guests at Sara and Sean’s wedding suspected of murder, her walk down the aisle will need to wait…

“A cute couple fans will want to follow.”
~ Kirkus Reviews about Bowled Over Americano

“I can’t say enough how much I loved this book!… Sara and Sean just made the book that much better, their personalities shone through, not to mention Magnum.”
~ Vickie R., Goodreads about Bowled Over Americano

“Sara and Sean are a great team, and I hope that continues within the other books…”
~ Karen H., NetGalley about Bowled Over Americano

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Anniversary Title Spotlight

Justified (Detective Madison Knight Series)

Justified by Carolyn Arnold, an absolutely addictive gripping mystery thriller, The victim built her life on secrets and lies. One of them may have caught up with her… a woman in a green jacket walking up a dirt lane toward an old cabin under a stormy ski. A Detective Madison Knight Mystery.

While investigating a brilliant entrepreneur’s murder on Christmas Eve, detective Madison Knight discovers the victim had all too many enemies. But only one of them is a killer, and she’ll do whatever it takes to find the truth!

“A clever case full of red herrings and cunningly hidden clues make Carolyn Arnold’s riveting police murder-mystery investigation, Justified, a whodunnit in the vein of a modern Agatha Christie classic crime-thriller.”
~ Goodreads Review

“Outstanding plot, unique twists and turns, and writing style is superb. This story is very suspenseful and riveting. Highly recommend for crime and mystery fans.”
~ Goodreads Review

“I didn’t want to stop reading this book. Love the lead characters in this series. Characters are smart, sarcastic and have that connection that makes you want to keep reading and reading.”
~ Goodreads Review



This title is also available in paperback formats, audiobook, and hardcover. For links, visit the book page here.


Blue Baby (Brandon Fisher FBI Series)

A serial killer’s grisly pattern — murdered women dressed in wedding gowns with their ring fingers severed — draws agent Brandon Fisher and his investigative team into a twisted and bloody case.

“An awesome mystery/suspense read…in-depth characters with lots of police procedures. This book will keep you turning the pages trying to figure out the clues along with the team, keeping you guessing until the end.””
~ Harp’s Romance Book Review

“A well-written psychological thriller. Told (in part) through the murderer’s eyes, we really get the feel of what a serial killer is like. Also, how the last minutes of the victims’ lives were.”
~ Juniper Grove

“Something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue, yeah it’s here, and it’s twisted. After reading Carolyn Arnold’s Blue Baby, you’ll never look at that old nursery rhyme the same way again.”
~ The 131 Preview Review



This title is also available in paperback formats, audiobook, and hardcover. For links, visit the book page here.


The Secret of the Lost Pharaoh (Matthew Connor Adventure Series)

The Secret of the Lost Pharaoh by Carolyn Arnold pyramids of Egypt with desert background.

An ancient Egyptian map points the way to a forgotten pharaoh’s tomb — and the fabled Emerald Tablets! Can archaeologist Matthew Connor and his companions find the powerful artifacts before they fall into the wrong hands?

“[The Secret of the Lost Pharaoh] is one of the most entertaining archaeological thrillers I’ve had the pleasure of reading. [It’s] a polished, well-written, stand-alone novel that Indiana Jones fans will love.”
~ Readers’ Favorite

The Secret of the Lost Pharaoh is full of adventure and with that adventure is, of course, danger. It also has murder, mystery, and suspense. The characters are unique and interesting.”
~ Bound 4 Escape

“The twists and turns, action and adventure, mystery and suspense, kept me on my toes. I thought this would happen, then it didn’t. I thought that would happen, then it didn’t. Carolyn Arnold does a good job of leading me down a familiar path, then jerking the rug out from under me.”
~ Fundinmental



This title is also available in paperback formats, audiobook, and hardcover. For links, visit the book page here.


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Her Last Words (Detective Amanda Steele Series)

Her Last Words by Carolyn Arnold, an old homestead with a blue door, broken picket fence surrounded by tall brown grass. The sky is shades of blue and has a setting sun in shades of pink and yellow.

In this gripping crime thriller, Detective Amanda Steele is called to the gruesome murder scene of successful local author Felicity Kelley and her blood runs cold. A Queen of Hearts playing card left behind suggests someone is imitating the serial killer from Felicity’s bestselling crime novel.

“OMG YES. This was an amazing book… I couldn’t put it down… Best book I read this year.”
~ Goodreads review, Detective Amanda Steele Series

“My heart is still beating fast! Wow!! By far, one of the best thrillers I’ve read in a long time!”
~ Goodreads review, Detective Amanda Steele Series

“I ended up devouring the entire book in just one sitting… I was completely pulled into this one and found myself completely unable to put this down.”
~ Goodreads review, Detective Amanda Steele Series

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