The world will be reading even more Detective Amanda Steele! The third book, The Silent Witness, is due out September 24th. You can pre-order now!

But that’s not all!

There are three more in the Detective Amanda Steele series due out in 2022!

You can read the official announcement from Bookouture here.

The Little Grave by Carolyn Arnold, a dark stormy sky over a clearing in the woods with a stretch of barbed wire in the foreground with a red ribbon tied to it

It’s been five years since Detective Amanda Steele lost her family. The small community of Dumfries, Virginia, may have moved on from the tragic deaths of her husband and daughter, but Amanda cannot. When the man responsible is found murdered in a motel room, she can’t keep away from the case.

Stolen Daughters by Carolyn Arnold, a barn at the end of a dirt laneway under a red fiery sky.

Firefighters discover the body of a teenage girl at an abandoned house, but it’s not long before Detective Amanda Steele concludes the killing is just getting started. As the victims pile up, she realizes they are connected to a past case that almost claimed her life.

The Silent Witness by Carolyn Arnold, a red cottage on a lake under a teal sky.

In this totally gripping and addictive crime thriller, Detective Amanda Steele investigates the murders of a local family and strives to protect the couple’s surviving six-year-old daughter, Zoe, who may have witnessed everything.

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