She pushed harder on the gas. Never look back. That had to become her new motto if she were to survive. Once she got to wherever she ended up, she’d ditch the car too. Start fresh.

As long as she was on the move, that man couldn’t find her. She’d be safe. Logan would be safe.

But what if she got tired of running?*


Detective Amanda Steele ran into Logan, a former boyfriend, and thought she’d have one night of fun, but was she ever wrong! When they go back to his place they find his estranged wife’s body in his bed—dead. The evidence quickly mounts against Logan, and he’s going to be charged with murder if Amanda doesn’t step in and do something…

The above is the set up for Last Seen Alive, the latest release in the Detective Amanda Steele series. Readers will find the book to be a complex mystery with lots of moving parts and a fast-moving plot.

This book includes passages from the victim’s point of view spanning from her distant past up until and including her actual murder. As an author, tapping into her mind and being witness to her life was more fun and interesting than challenge. Her chapters give the reader an insider’s edge to key tidbits that advance the investigation into her murder. And these are clues and facts that Amanda and her partner, Trent Stenson, can’t necessarily uncover on their own.

If you haven’t read Last Seen Alive yet, what are you waiting for? This entire book came together fast, and it’s one of those stories an author would say “wrote itself.” Not sure about that, but it certainly felt inspired.

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*Excerpt from Last Seen Alive (Detective Amanda Steele Series), protected by Copyright.

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