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Wedding Bells Brew Murder (Sara and Sean Cozy Mystery Series)

Wedding Bells Brew Murder by Carolyn Arnold, Sara in a wedding dress and Sean in a tux, standing on either side of the cover, a banquet hall in the background. In the middle a wedding cake with a serving knife stuck in the top, and Magnum the beagle sniffing at the cake topper bride and groom on the floor.

With all the guests at Sara and Sean’s wedding suspected of murder, her walk down the aisle will need to wait…

“Absolutely fantastic addition to the series. I was hooked from start to finish and couldn’t put it down until the end. ”
~ Rekha R., NetGalley

“This was one of the best cozy mysteries I’ve read.”
~ Madison L., NetGalley

“This is a fast paced, highly captivating, cozy mystery. Love this series, and I thought the ending was perfect.”
~ Debbie D., NetGalley

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Paperback – 5 x 8 inches
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Her Last Words (Detective Amanda Steele Series)

Her Last Words by Carolyn Arnold, an old homestead with a blue door, broken picket fence surrounded by tall brown grass. The sky is shades of blue and has a setting sun in shades of pink and yellow.

In this gripping crime thriller, Detective Amanda Steele is called to the gruesome murder scene of successful local author Felicity Kelley and her blood runs cold. A Queen of Hearts playing card left behind suggests someone is imitating the serial killer from Felicity’s bestselling crime novel.

“OMG YES. This was an amazing book… I couldn’t put it down… Best book I read this year.”
~ Goodreads review, Detective Amanda Steele Series

“My heart is still beating fast! Wow!! By far, one of the best thrillers I’ve read in a long time!”
~ Goodreads review, Detective Amanda Steele Series

“I ended up devouring the entire book in just one sitting… I was completely pulled into this one and found myself completely unable to put this down.”
~ Goodreads review, Detective Amanda Steele Series

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Anniversary Title Spotlight

In the Line of Duty (Detective Madison Knight Series)

In the Line of Duty by Carolyn Arnold badge with morning band covering the middle of the badge resting on a rippled US flag.

He was a husband, a father, a brother, and a friend. The loss of a hero cuts deep.

“Fans of crime fiction will be moved and enthralled by In the Line of Duty, as much an action-packed mystery as it is a heartfelt tribute to police who give up their lives to protect others.”
~ Publishers Weekly

“A simply riveting read from cover to cover, In the Line of Duty clearly reveals author Carolyn Arnold to be a master of the genre with an exceptional flair for creating truly memorable characters and a roller-coaster ride of a plot with all manner of twists and turns… Very highly recommended.”
~ Midwest Book Review

““Carolyn Arnold has created an undeniably, great read that you won’t put down… Don’t miss out on the chance to grab this book! You’ll immediately find yourself immersed!”
~ Lynchberg Mama



This title is also available in paperback formats, audiobook, and hardcover. For links, visit the book page here.


The Silent Witness (Detective Amanda Steele Series)

The Silent Witness by Carolyn Arnold, a red cottage on a lake under a teal sky.

It’s 4 a.m. when her mom shakes her awake. “Get up baby, we’re going to play hide and seek.” The little girl presses back into the dark space, holding her breath as she hears the shots ring out. She knows she’s next…

“Great characterization and a storyline which keeps you on pins & needles until the terrific conclusion… Such an excellent crime thriller that is suspenseful, intense, and keeps you guessing to the end.”
~ NetGalley Review

“An excellent crime thriller that was suspenseful, intense, and kept us glued to the end… Amanda is a great heroine, and a fantastic detective.”
~ The Reading Café

“A fast-paced, riveting thriller… Arnold brings us another great novel with believable characters and a fantastic storyline.”
~ NetGalley Review


Amazon kindleunlimited

This title is also available in paperback formats, audiobook, and hardcover. For links, visit the book page here.


One More Kill (Brandon Fisher FBI Series)

One More Kill by Carolyn Arnold a wheat field leading to trees under a moon lit sky with vultures circling.

He marks them for death. Then he hunts them like prey.

“The novel starts with a vivid and brutal chase scene that immediately pulls the reader into the lives of the characters… Gripping, engaging, and atmospheric… Arnold brings depravity, action, and pulse-pounding moments to a gripping crime thriller and police procedural.”
~ Mystery & Suspense Magazine

“Oh my God! I was just taken on a wild ride! I had to hold my breath through most of the book. I didn’t want to put it down, but I had to just to soak in what I just read. Join the FBI in their hunt for a cunning killer.”
~ NetGalley Review

“Another page turner finished in one day! Tracking a sadistic serial killer by the FBI is a truly thrilling read. I highly recommend it.”
~ NetGalley Review


Amazon kindleunlimited

This title is also available in paperback formats, audiobook, and hardcover. For links, visit the book page here.


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