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Her Last Words (Detective Amanda Steele Series)

Her Last Words by Carolyn Arnold, an old homestead with a blue door, broken picket fence surrounded by tall brown grass. The sky is shades of blue and has a setting sun in shades of pink and yellow.

In this gripping crime thriller, Detective Amanda Steele is called to the gruesome murder scene of successful local author Felicity Kelley and her blood runs cold. A Queen of Hearts playing card left behind suggests someone is imitating the serial killer from Felicity’s bestselling crime novel.

“OMG YES. This was an amazing book… I couldn’t put it down… Best book I read this year.”
~ Goodreads review, Detective Amanda Steele Series

“My heart is still beating fast! Wow!! By far, one of the best thrillers I’ve read in a long time!”
~ Goodreads review, Detective Amanda Steele Series

“I ended up devouring the entire book in just one sitting… I was completely pulled into this one and found myself completely unable to put this down.”
~ Goodreads review, Detective Amanda Steele Series

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Murder at the Lake (Detective Madison Knight Series)

Murder at the Lake by Carolyn Arnold, woman walking toward a lake at dusk beside an old wooden dock.

The moonlight dances across her bare skin, and a shooting star flies across the sky. And while the young woman’s eyes are open and facing upward, they no longer see anything…

Madison Knight is a true renaissance woman—sharp, talented, and unbeatable.”
~ K.J. Howe, bestselling author of Skyjack

“Madison Knight is a tough detective, who will let nothing stand in her way to find the guilty.”
~ The Reading Café

“Madison Knight is an intriguing protagonist. She’s independent, strong, capable, intelligent, and overall, a very realistic character.”
I Heart Reading

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Anniversary Title Spotlight

Last Seen Alive (Detective Amanda Steele Series)

Last Seen Alive by Carolyn Arnold, a little white church at the end of a dirt lane with a white picket fence.

The woman lies so still as her blood soaks into the soft bedcovers beneath her. A tear runs down her face as she looks at the wedding band on her finger. She had loved her husband so much…

“This is another winner for Carolyn Arnold as it packs quite the punch as the past comes back to haunt the present in the characters in this story… The mystery is very complex…”
~ Escape to Books

“An exciting, suspenseful, intriguing, tense mystery that kept me unable to put the book down… a mind-blowing thriller.”
~ The Reading Café

“A fantastic police-procedural! The plot hooked me from the very start. The crime scenes are interesting and keep us reading quickly, unravelling the clues to try and solve the crimes faster than the police!”
~ NetGalley Review


Amazon kindleunlimited

This title is also available in paperback formats, audiobook, and hardcover. For links, visit the book page here.


Deadly Impulse (Detective Madison Knight Series)

Deadly Impulse by Carolyn Arnold, silhouette of a woman standing in a vortex tunnel with memory flashbacks

Living with her secrets may come at a great cost…

Deadly Impulse will have your heart pounding and on the edge of your seat. Be warned though…you will get sucked in and you might even finish it in one sitting.”
~ Out There Reviews & Stuff

“This was my first adventure into the world of Carolyn Arnold’s mystery writing, and boy am I impressed! She truly captivates the reader from start to finish…This is one book you won’t be able to put down!”
~ Little Miss Trainwreck

“I have read many books with police themes but none had me reading the book in one sitting. Not only will this book have your detective skills on alert but it will have you rooting for Maddy.”
~ Bookaholic and More Blog



This title is also available in paperback formats, audiobook, and hardcover. For links, visit the book page here.


Eleven (Brandon Fisher FBI Series)

Book cover for Eleven by Carolyn Arnold

Ten bodies are found in 11 rooms. Who’s next? Special Agent Brandon Fisher’s investigation takes a personal turn when he suspects the killer is coming for him…

“…Silence of the Lambs, move over. ELEVEN is an absolutely stunning performance.”
~ Frederick, Goodreads

“Carolyn Arnold’s absorbing crime thriller, Eleven, is taut with suspense from the very first page… Each member of the team is distinct and well realized… Suspense builds and builds and the ending is every bit as shocking as the opening pages of the novel…  Readers will find the book difficult to put down – and, if they do, they may very well sleep with the lights on.”
~ Chanticleer Awarded Review

“It moved at a cracking pace, but was still a complex story with several sub plots… An excellent read, which I’m sure will be a favorite for fans of police procedurals and intelligent suspense novels.”
~ Steam & Ink



This title is also available in paperback formats, audiobook, and hardcover. For links, visit the book page here.


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