Readers have praised my Detective Madison Knight Series, and my Detective Amanda Steele Series for several reasons. One of these is the fact that both Madison and Amanda are strong female leads.

Madison Knight was born when I was looking to create a no-nonsense female who would be the lead in a police procedural series. I was tired of seeing women take a back seat to a man.

Here are some things reviewers have said about Madison:

“Madison Knight is a true renaissance woman—sharp, talented, and unbeatable.”–K.J. Howe, bestselling author of Skyjack

“Madison is particularly headstrong and gung-ho and this makes for exciting fiction…” –Literary Flits

“Madison Knight is a tough detective, who will let nothing stand in her way to find the guilty.” –The Reading Café

“Madison Knight is an intriguing protagonist. She’s independent, strong, capable, intelligent, and overall, a very realistic character.” –I Heart Reading

“Madison’s character is extremely well-written and realistic. She encompasses what all women should strive to become—an independent thinker, strong-willed, dedicated, and hardworking.” –Lynchburg Mama

“Madison is an excellently crafted persona who isn’t flawless or ideal. She makes mistakes, she regrets making those mistakes, and tries her best to correct them.” –Fanna

Detective Amanda Steele’s character has garnered exceptional praise too. Here is a snapshot:

“Detective Steele is a strong female protagonist with a deep sense of justice and protector of the underdog.” -Tammy, NetGalley

“Amanda’s a determined woman, and history has shown that women like that don’t let anything stand in their way. -NetGalley Review

“I really have grown to love Amanda, and she continues to have personal growth in each book.” –Marta, NetGalley

“[Amanda is] sarcastic and raw, and just seemed [more] like a real person than a character in a story. –NetGalley

“Amanda is a character that evokes sympathy and respect. I can’t wait to read what happens next for her.” – NetGalley

“Amanda Steele is one heck of a detective, and I cannot wait to see where Arnold takes her!” -NetGalley

And the really good news for avid readers? Both these series afford readers several books to choose from!

There are currently thirteen books in the Detective Madison Knight Series including a prequel. Book twelve, Her Dark Grave, is available for pre-order now from popular retailers.

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The Detective Amanda Steele Series has eight books, with the eighth, Taken Girls, being available on pre-order from Amazon here.

As a further overview…


Detective Madison Knight Series

Murder. Investigation. The pursuit of justice.

Nail-biting police procedurals for those who love their mysteries honest and true to life. These stories are praised and respected by law enforcement for their accuracy and pull readers into the investigations, enticing them to put the clues together and solve the case before the cops. Step behind the crime scene tape, enter the morgue, and get an up-close look at forensics with Detective Madison Knight. She’s with Major Crimes for the Stiles Police Department—a fictional US city with authentic cases. She’s fiercely independent and tenacious and will stop at nothing to get justice for murder victims.

It’s always recommended that you start a series from the beginning, but you could read the books on their own or out of order. Installments include: Ties That Bind, Justified, Sacrifice, Found Innocent, Just Cause, Deadly Impulse, In the Line of Duty, Power Struggle, Shades of Justice, What We Bury, Girl on the Run, Her Dark Grave, Life Sentence (Prequel).


Detective Amanda Steele Series

Gritty. Raw. Unapologetic.

Immersive crime fiction for fans who love their mysteries set in a small town and hard-boiled to perfection. From the murder scene to the morgue, interrogation of suspects and following down leads, you’ll feel like you’re part of the investigation. Realistic and complex characters, accurate police procedures and forensics paired with tight, serious writing make these books read more like true crime than fiction. Meet Homicide Detective Amanda Steele with the Prince William County Police Department in Woodbridge, Virginia. She’s smart, motivated, and real. Her tragic past has her claiming to be no one’s mentor, but she’s more hero than she thinks.

It’s always recommended that you start a series from the beginning, but you could read the books on their own or out of order. Installments include: The Little Grave, ​Stolen DaughtersThe Silent Witness, Black Orchid Girls, Her Frozen Cry, Last Seen Alive, Her Final Breath, and Taken Girls.

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