Here’s an inside peek at Stolen Daughters (Detective Amanda Steele series), an unputdownable, pulse-pounding mystery. This book is available from popular retailers in ebook, paperback, and audiobook.

Read the Prologue:

Thursday, April 1st, 5:25 AM
Dumfries, Virginia

Her lifeless eyes stared up at him. All was quiet. The struggle gone.

His rage had subsided, replaced by tranquility and bliss. He had risen above his past and shown mercy when the world had shown none to him.

Inspired, he tapped a kiss to his fingers and pressed them to her forehead. “Rest in peace.”

He closed her eyelids and got to his feet.

His gaze still upon her, he felt himself to be the very embodiment of love and forgiveness. He was… The Merciful.

Yes, he liked that.

Excitement vibrated through his entire body, but he had to move. There was more work to do.

He took the jerry can and soaked her body with fuel. Satisfied he was finished with her, he continued pouring as he walked down the hall, then stairs, to the main level.

He stopped in the middle of the house, a few feet from the puddle of fuel, his gas can now empty. He pulled a matchbook and struck one to flame. He watched it dance on the tip for a second or two before tossing it onto the accelerant. It ignited with a blast of heat.

He hustled through the door into the backyard, a smile on his face. The darkness of early morning and his black clothing were his cover. The neighborhood, too, was one in which people saw and heard nothing—and they certainly didn’t talk to the police. Besides, most people would still be in bed.

And by the time anyone smelled smoke, the place would be ash. The girl along with it.

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