The Detective Madison Knight series is in the middle of a makeover! New covers and new blurbs are being rolled out. So far you can catch all the new flashy covers in e-book. The print and audiobook (where applicable) will be updated soon.

If you’re new to Detective Madison Knight, here’s what you can expect from the series:

Detective Madison Knight Series

Murder. Investigation. The pursuit of justice. 

Nail-biting police procedurals for those who love their mysteries honest and true to life. These stories are praised and respected by law enforcement for their accuracy and pull readers into the investigations, enticing them to put the clues together and solve the case before the cops. Step behind the crime scene tape, enter the morgue, and get an up-close look at forensics with Detective Madison Knight. She’s with Major Crimes for the Stiles Police Department—a fictional US city with authentic cases. She’s fiercely independent and tenacious and will stop at nothing to get justice for murder victims.


Ties that Bind by Carolyn Arnold jogger’s feet on asphalt surface with police tape over it faded over an image of a check pattern tie
Justified by Carolyn Arnold blood spattered money on a green background
Sacrifice by Carolyn Arnold winter scene, water and snow with necklace and pendent engraved with CC on a blue gray background
Found Innocent by Carolyn Arnold image of a man's boot on a shovel being pushed into the ground on a orange background
Just Cause by Carolyn Arnold woman holding a pistol pointed at you and a police car silhouette with flashing lights on a midnight blue background
Deadly Impulse by Carolyn Arnold Stripper over an image of a dark alley with a dumpster on a dark teal background
In the Line of Duty by Carolyn Arnold badge with morning band covering the middle of the badge resting on a rippled US flag.
Power Struggle by Carolyn Arnold, a man and woman in a standoff on a city street at night.
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