When Bookouture approached me with interest in my writing a new crime fiction series for them, I decided I wanted to return to Dumfries, Virginia. If you’re a fan of the Brandon Fisher FBI series, you’ll know that the team went there in the second installment, Silent Graves.

In that book readers got to meet Becky Tulson and Trent Stenson for the first time. If you’ve been following the Brandon Fisher FBI series, you’ll know that Becky and Brandon end up dating. At first it seemed that Trent was going to be nothing more than one-time appearance as an eager cop working for the Dumfries Police Department with dreams of becoming a homicide detective… Well, the universe had different plans.

Enter Detective Amanda Steele, born and raised in Dumfries and daughter of the police chief Nathan Steele (also with a small cameo in Silent Graves). Well, Amanda’s had it rough for the last five and half years after losing her husband and six-year-old daughter at the hands of a drunk driver. In fact, she’s barely been able to lift herself out of her grief enough to go through the motions of her job as a detective with the Homicide Unit of the Prince William County Police Department stationed in Woodbridge.

Throughout all of this her best friend, Becky Tulson, who she’s known since kindergarten, has stuck by Amanda’s side. As an officer herself, Becky’s the one to call Amanda with some upsetting news: the man who killed her family is dead under suspicious circumstances.

In the first book in the Detective Amanda Steele series, The Little Grave, readers feel Amanda’s grief but also witness her strength as she’s determined to get some answers. But her boss is letting her take lead on this case and assigns rookie detective…(you might guess…) Trent Stenson to be her partner and the lead on paper!

It was a lot of fun revisiting the area and getting to know Becky and Trent more as I got to know Amanda. You can follow Becky’s life in the Brandon Fisher FBI series books starting from book two, Silent Graves. Now Trent’s only made the one showing in the series so far, but I wouldn’t be surprised if he shows up again too. Ooh, and spoiler… Brandon Fisher himself pops up in the second Detective Amanda Steele book.

The Little Grave by Carolyn Arnold, a dark stormy sky over a clearing in the woods with a stretch of barbed wire in the foreground with a red ribbon tied to it

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