If you’re enrolled in Amazon’s Kindle Unlimited program, you can now read Detective Madison Knight books for free! But no worries if you’re not either. You can still buy the installments à la carte in e-book. Even if you usually read on another e-reader, there are no worries there either. Most of us have a tablet, or more than one, these days. Did you know that you can download a free Kindle app from Amazon and read any purchased e-books from their site on there? (Just go to the app store on your device and search Kindle. Then you’ll need to set up a free account with Amazon so your tablet/app is linked—and voila!—you’re good to start ordering e-books!) Also, if you are with Amazon’s program or even a Kindle e-book customer, you’ll notice that I have two other series exclusive to them as well.

If you’ve already pre-ordered Murder at the Lake from another retailer, such as Barnes & Noble, Apple, or Kobo, know that this e-book will deliver as planned. This title will be available from other retailers for a few weeks after its release in May.

New to the Detective Madison Knight Series? Here’s what you can expect:

Murder. Investigation. The pursuit of justice.

These books are nail-biting police procedurals for those who love their mysteries honest and true to life. These stories are praised and respected by law enforcement for their accuracy and pull readers into the investigations, enticing them to put the clues together and solve the case before the cops. Step behind the crime scene tape, enter the morgue, and get an up-close look at forensics with Detective Madison Knight. She’s with Major Crimes for the Stiles Police Department—a fictional US city with authentic cases. She’s fiercely independent and tenacious and will stop at nothing to get justice for murder victims.

It’s always recommended that you start a series from the beginning, but you could read the books on their own or out of order. Installments include Ties That Bind, Justified, Sacrifice, Found Innocent, Just Cause, Deadly Impulse, In the Line of Duty, Power Struggle, Shades of Justice, What We Bury, Girl on the Run, Her Dark Grave, Murder at the Lake, Life Sentence (Prequel).

Ties That Bind is FREE from several popular retailers in e-book, but all the books in this series are available in several formats, including audiobook, paperback, hardcover, and large print edition.

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