Detective Madison Knight returned for her twelfth case in Her Dark Grave back in May. If you haven’t yet met Madison, you can start with this book or—even better—begin with book one in the series!

Books in Order:
Ties That Bind
Found Innocent
Just Cause
Deadly Impulse
In the Line of Duty
Power Struggle
Shades of Justice
What We Bury
Girl on the Run
Her Dark Grave
Murder at the Lake **on pre-order**

Here is what some reviewers have said about Her Dark Grave:

“This is a great police procedural and mystery with a team of characters that have distinctive personalities… This entire mystery is bone chilling and frightening at times, but it will wrap you in its tentacles and not let you go until you tap to the final page. This was a captivating serial murder mystery with a twist of macabre. There is an occasional chapter interspersed throughout the book from the viewpoint of the disturbed killer which will give you chill bumps as you read their viewpoint. So, you will probably need to read this one with the lights on.” ~ Escape to Books By Tammy

“INTENSE & intriguing addition to this terrific series with great characters & a lot of suspense throughout.  I have read most of this authors’ books & totally enjoyed all.  RECOMMEND her whole series for very satisfying reads.” ~ Sue C., NetGalley Review

“A rush from beginning to end! We know from the very first page that Detective Madison Knight and her partner Detective Terry Grant are facing off against a serial killer who wants to know and enjoy the kill.” ~ Payton Puppy

“This is a real page turner with so many twists and turns. An excellent thriller from best-selling author Carolyn Arnold.” ~ Yet Another Blogging Mummy!

“An exciting, tense, action filled thriller with many suspects… This is a very nasty case, with an evil murderer… If you enjoy mysteries, police procedurals, a tough as nails cop, then you need to be reading this series, as Carolyn Arnold is one of the best in police procedure stories.” ~ The Reading Café

“This case is quite dark and twisted, but extremely intriguing. It’s the type of case that makes your skin crawl. Carolyn Arnold is a master at creating a story that stands out against all other police procedurals because of the attention to detail. You’ll feel like you’re alongside Madison and Terry, combing through the evidence and interviewing suspects or even examining crime scenes.” ~ Lynchburg Reads

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