The latest Detective Amanda Steele novel, Black Orchid Girls, is collecting some amazing reviews! Following is what a few readers had to say, but I encourage you to pick yourself up a copy of the book and judge it for yourself.

“An exciting, intriguing, tense mystery that kept me unable to put the book down. There were so many suspects, and even surprises at the end. To say too much more would be spoilers, and this was a very good story that needs to be read from start to finish.” ~ The Reading Café

“Compelling and enthralling and one that grips you from start to finish, this quite simply is a book that you will not want to put down. This will inspire anyone into further world of reading and that is a rare magical quality for a book.” ~ NetGalley Review

“Carolyn Arnold is a master at penning police procedurals that keep me on my toes, flipping pages, unable to quit reading until the last page is read. Black Orchid Girls was a quick, easy read, filled with heart in my throat suspense and edge of my seat moments that made it unputdownable.” ~ Fundinmental

“Arnold delivered a suspenseful, fast-paced tale that keeps the reader on their toes from start to finish. It features characters with whom readers can relate. Fans of police procedurals, mysteries and thrillers should read this series.” ~ NetGalley Review

Black Orchid Girls drew me in from the first page as it started out with a bang…. The descriptions were so vividly written that I had no problem picturing each and every scene in my head.” ~ The Avid Reader

“This was an absolutely cracking piece of crime fiction, superbly delivered and the ending is surprising. I’m keen to devour book five.” ~ NetGalley Review

“Another twisty mystery with an explosive ending you won’t see coming! Wow!” ~ NetGalley Review

“The unveiling of the culprit pulls the reader in, gently revealing layer by layer, until you’re left with the raw reality that someone committed such heinous crimes. Arnold slays with her ability to set the scene with the perfect characters who make it come to life before your very eyes. All five senses were on high alert with this book. FANTASTIC series!” ~ Lynchburg Mama

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