“The plot slowly unwinds with just enough information to keep readers interested, while also making sure that putting down the novel and going on to something else is just about impossible.”  ~ Sheri K., NetGalley

“I enjoyed this read and could not put it down!” ~ Lori W., NetGalley

“I may have stayed up all night reading this… I was gripped from the beginning.” ~ NetGalley Review

“OMG what a thrill of a read. I thoroughly enjoyed this book. Twisty and full of suspense.” ~ NetGalley Review

“This talented author does not disappoint.  A page turner.” ~ Brenda B., NetGalley

“A deadly game of cat and mouse between Amanda, Trent and the amoral killer leads the reader on a cleverly twisted path to the truth.” ~ Rosemary Kenny, NetGalley

“This was a definite afternoon read for me and I just had to keep reading until I got to the end.” ~ Caroline W., NetGalley

“This book had a bit of everything! It had suspense, action, intrigue, mystery, revenge, murder, serial killer, great who done it, great plot twist, and some crazy twists and turns!” ~ Debbie B., NetGalley

Her Last Words is available from Amazon in e-book, paperback, and audiobook here.

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